The $170,000,000 Bitcoin Pizza


It’s about these two pizzas right here or two pizzas like this 2010 For two pizzas they give ten thousand Bitcoin and someone took him up on that offer and they pay ten thousand bitcoin and someone took them up on that offer Thousand Bitcoin for one pizza two pizzas so question is how much cash? Would that now be worth if instead of the pizzas? He had kept the Bitcoin it was a guy named Laszlo 170 million dollars He lost out. He missed out and All he got was two pizzas and not one hundred and seventy million dollars So you might be asking is it too late to get in this Bitcoin thing. It’s gone up Is it a bubble is it gonna crash? What I want to say to you is that I’ve been traveling around the United States Meeting up with the best experts in the world on Bitcoin Bitcoin and crypto currencies So these are what you call the whales These are people who have made ten million hundred million even some of them a billion or more in Bitcoin and crypto currencies, and I want to share with you, I recorded actually a little video on my website I’m gonna put a link below or above here click that link it’s absolutely free watch this free presentation Because here’s the deal one of my mentors told me I’d never be the first or the last to try a new idea new trend For a lot of people.

They’re going. Oh, this is a scam this Bitcoin thing’s not real these crypto currencies remember that story into 2010 somebody lost 170 million dollar Literally 170 million dollars because they were skeptical they didn’t see the future trends. They waited too long don’t be like that person Now I’m not promising you you can make 170 million bucks I’m just telling you a true story that nobody can argue with so what I’ve been doing is traveling the world I? Travel around the United States, and I’ve been with people I’ve been in the business and Finance game for a long time But this crypto thing is new part of the reason there’s big profits in is not everybody understands it so I’ve been meeting up with these people and I Want to share with you in the spirit of me paying it forward you’ve probably seen I you know giving away ten cars in the last year paying forward I’m thankful for my blessings financially and just in life in general.

This is me paying it forward These are people that don’t really like to speak publicly Some of them are con a mr.. E mr. X people they’ve made 100 million bucks, and they don’t want to really share publicly on a video But they’ll share with me because we’re friends and I’m paying it forward By creating this little presentation for you. You need to know this stuff in fact yesterday I did a live call if you’re watching my Instagram or my facebook live And I brought in one of the top crypto experts in the world and he recommended one small Cryptocurrency and it’s doubled in the last 24 hours It’s crazy world out there. The world’s changing. This is disrupting everything You know your kids your grandkids will look back and go you know grandpa. You didn’t see this coming Don’t be like the pizza people. Oh the pizza guy Laszlo. Don’t don’t miss out for two pizzas today on 170 million dollars like he did so click the link like I said It’s either below or somewhere here head over to my website You don’t have to put a credit card in you don’t have to pay a penny.

Okay. This is me paying forward real solid information You can use to start Investing or just learning about it or how to buy it where to buy it is it a bubble will it go up will it? Go down is it too late to get in all those questions? I’m gonna answer for you straight out of the words of some of the smartest people in this industry the people that are Advising banks and presidents. They don’t want to come out publicly, but they will share the stuff You know privately with me, and they allow me to create a presentation of what they said so Learn from the best mentors. It’s changed my life 19 years old I found a mentor in business I went from having no money in my bank account figuring out how to make a hundred thousand dollars a year then I figured out how to make you know 100 grand a month and During a week, and now I gotta make you know a hundred grand a day, and that’s because of the mentors I found the quality of your life Pretty much is determined by two things Whether you can overcome procrastination and laziness and actually do stuff and second is who you learn from the reason We’re all trapped financially.

You know I did not grow up this Beverly Hills I didn’t grow up in a house like this. I fact most of my teenage years I grew up in a mobile home in Clayton, North Carolina, so you know my bathroom now in this house is bigger than my entire The mobile home that I lived in so what’s changed my life is really understanding that I gotta get off my butt and Some of you are sleeping on this stuff, then you’re missing out on opportunities left, and right. It’s not just this 2010 opportunity That was wave one you missed out on that one, but wave 2 is here So don’t miss this and then secondly learn from the best a lot of people are learning about Bitcoin cryptocurrency from Fox News or MSNBC These people don’t know go learn from the people who develop the technology that really understand that have been early adopters And that’s what I want to do so click that link game-changing material and Yeah, I’ll see you over my website in just a second

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