The easy way to Install Every Add-on Available on KODI with Wizard


29/06/2015 – News update – The repo url was hacked and I had to change it to
Looks like people want this wizard taken down.
here is the news about that

28/06/2015 – News Update – All The repo is now changed
and the wizard is now got 4 sources 2 of which are mine
Enjoy the wizard(s)

27/06/2015 – News update – The repo has been closed down –

The easy way to Install Every Add-on Available on KODI with Wizard ( June 2015 )

After installing Kodi for the first time you will always wonder how to install all the addons. This wizard will install all the addons in one easy steps. With no special skins or special settings.

It will install Addons, Repos, File sources and add my RSS feed for latest news from my

Enjoy this Wizard you will need it everytime you want to point a new box or a new install.

God knows how many times I wanted something as easy as 1,2,3, and bam wam thank you mam with all the addons and repos added.

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Repo required for the addons is
Perm Repo address –
Perm repo Alterntive address repo –
Old link not working now –
Perm fix coming soon

Thank you
Husham Memar

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  1. Why, when I go to install from zip file does nothing come up when I click on it? Someone please help me, what am I doing wrong?

  2. hi husham great video man can you tell me what am i turning off is it the power cable to the pc or tv ?????? thanks man

  3. Why are you using a sorry Microsoft system? GO Linux! I have run Ubuntu over eight years never go back to the Flawed Sick Microsoft crap!

    • ur right my friend the Linux is more stable but the videos I try to make I have to make them generic for majority users is still using windows so they can relate, to be honest, the guide will still be more or less the same for other platforms anyway 🙂

  4. My Kodi is saying the PVR manger has been enabled without any enabled PVR add-on. Enable at least one add-on in order to use the PVR please tell me what I have to do so I can get my Kodi working again please

  5. When you talking, why you jump with mouse arrow from here, to here. From video to system,  to file manager, back to video add-ons?

  6. I installed kodi got as far as click on repo,after clicking all i got was an empty screen where as it should have come up as repo-pvr-zip it did not show any of these icons


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