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  1. This is only a question… Your still loading and using Kodi what if Kodi makes a huge stink of it being on Google store and restricts it

    • well if people do litttle reaserch for example find my apk then no need for a bix seller if they can download my apk from google playstore with one click install..

    • My point exactly. This will kill box sellers and im one of them. I have my own branded boxes and media center from todd as well. But i think my support and updates will still keep me relevant. But you have to do what you gotta do i cant knock you at all. Thanks for all the info.

  2. is not bad if you as long as it gets updated I am done with it I had target 1080p Got a pay subscription call Reboot but it keeps going out on me we pay almost $200.00 a month on cable is to much for our budget I want to keep my i just want to reduce it a little bit please can you give me any recommendation for me and my family I pay 13.00 a month for my IPTV subscription

    • to be honest Jose I think most iptv addons payed or not channels go up and down . just think it take people worldwide to keep sky and virgin going so to be honest how can just a few people keep a tv suvice going as good as thay do . sky and virgin use is server worldwide . thats why I never pay fit iptv . otherwise I would . iv heard good things about dexter . I thought 1080p reboot iptv almost never went down , so he always made out it perfect . I recommend to use uktvagain it still not perfit but its free . hope I help

    • Reboot is the best iptv service right now, stop it Jose. $13 bucks a month?? get yourself a decent box, at least 2g ram and you won’t have any issues

    • +J Reid that true j forgot to say that also make your you got 40 mb if you got reboot as im sure most of 1080p channels are in HD .

  3. is good for android boxes……….but please dont leave out pc…..please keep with the url………bleeesing and grace….

  4. i hate that idea you are kicking out the openelec users by making the repository only available on android they want to do this because they dont want users to build htpc and be forced to buy a android box or android device instead of building one htpc out of computer scrap parts laying around in your house collecting dust. that’s a dirty move of them but i have an android device i will be ripping that apk so i can use it on my htpc

  5. Getting the builds from the Google Play store would be genius! As long as it being updated and has clean sources. It’s worth every penny cuz that’s all you’ll be paying is pennies. We give cable companies our money without any complaints


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