The XE could be your first Jaguar


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Jaguar's new entry-level model, competitive in price with the BMW 3-series, makes for an excellent introduction to the British automaker.

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    • Aluminum is not acceptable. The name was changed before it became official.
      So it’s Aluminium. I remind you that we’re speaking ENGLISH, from ENGLAND,
      so the way the ENGLISH say it is the correct way, and no other way is
      dictionary English .

    • Wrong – you may wish to check the history – aluminium was indeed initially
      called aluminum – the ‘English’ English speakers changed, the ‘American’
      English speakers stayed with the original.

      If you’re so adamant, why don’t you start calling Platinum, ‘Platinium’ or
      Molybdenum ‘Molibdenium’, Tantalum ‘Tantalium’… there’s more…

      And BTW, I’m English-born, English speaking.

    • Sorry I should have mentioned that the $400+ is including tax. As in $329
      (for checking and lubricating stuff) then $73.50 for the actual oil change.
      See below.

      15,000 Mile Service
      $329.95 Perform At: 15,000, 45,000, 75,000, and 105,000 (All Model Years)
      – Change Engine Oil (Synthetic Oil Add $73.50)

    • Quite, as Jaguar has the BEST warranty (5 years, 60k; everyone else is 4
      years 50k) and…

      Complimentary Maintenance for the duration…

      Easily the best car of its type.

    • Ahh Ford Explorer, the paragon of reliability. Why get the longest warranty
      around and Free Maintenance when you can drive an Explorer!?

  1. I recently purchased the XE 20D Prestige model. Obviously, it’s not the
    most tricked out car on the road, but coming from a 2014 Chevy Cruz, this
    car drives like a DREAM compared to that Lol. 100% satisfied with it. If
    you’re a young, working professional looking to start out in the luxury
    game, I highly recommend it.

    • vortex755 Happy for you man! I’m a BMW guy (not a fanboy) deep inside but
      i’m always open to check out the competition. I love the C-Class and like
      this cause of it’s trick suspension architecture. Hopefully one day i could
      also tall about these cars as an owner

    • Thanks man, I appreciate that! Yeah, i’ve had a long history of buying
      clunkers that would just get me from point a to b, but this time I was like
      screw it! I’m going to get something I really enjoy driving. It’s SO hard
      to choose though, there’s too many great choices out there lol.

    • Great choice. I drive a Lexus ES which is a great car, but dull as hell to
      drive. I love this Jag, just hope you don’t have electrical issues which
      British cars are notorious for. And I hope you get good dealer support. I
      am so done with German cars. I too can see this car in my future. Best
      looking car out there in my opinion. Best of luck with it.

    • Thanks AirAmerica! Lexus have built some amazing cars as well. I remember
      my buddy’s dad had an 95′ LS model and that sucker went for 20 years, the
      quietest cabin and most reliable performance you could imagine. But yes,
      very happy with the car. If there’re no issues, then later down the road I
      might consider the F-Type R……but that’s a scenario if I stay single and
      have no kids……life sometimes throws curveballs hahaha.

    • vortex755 good for you buddy. My mom is looking at a F-Pace 35t R-Sport
      with the Silver Exterior and the black and white interior. Stunning cars.
      The XE is great but we are trading our older 2007 Jaguar S-Type that we had
      since new. The XE was too small for it family. We have a 2014 Mercedes
      S-Class and we will have a 2017 F-Pace. I love jags!


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