These Chic French Women Give us the Ultimate Dating Advice | BAZAAR x Paris


From how to be sexy, to what make up to wear and how to dress, these french women give us their advice on things every woman in any culture struggle with.


  1. As an American I've never understood the "obsession over the French" the media has tried to portrayed. No one that I know is trying to emulate french style over here. Maybe it's just Vogue and Harper's Bazaar that is obsessed with the French, and then no one else.

  2. Never understood this thing of wanting to look super casual and cool and whatever and I-don't-want-him-to-think-that-I-care-even-a-little-bit. If you ARE GOING ON A DATE, YOU ARE FUCKING INTERESTED IN HIM, AND SO IS HE ON YOU. It's not the 90s anymore, when you went on a date knowing very little about the guy. It's fucking 2017, and before the date you probably chatted a little on Tinder or whatever app you use, so you kinda already know if he is your type. Dress up! And if he is a gentleman, he will dress up as well. If by the end of date you are not into him, good thing you are already dressed to find another man, girl.

  3. If "cake" means groomed or polished I'll take the compliment. All the gals interviewed looked really grungy in style. Not my personal taste. There goes the American girls obsessed with French style myth.

  4. Ghosting is the f#cking worst. It's cowardly and selfish. No. Just tell the person what's up, it's the respectable thing to do and they'll appreciate it later.

  5. Sorry but "acting like you don't understand" sounds dumb as hell to me…like really, dumb yourself down for a guy JUST to be sexier?! No guy is worth that, much less your dignity. So hell no.

  6. these women are chic looking but the attitude toward men especially of the blonde is so flippant it made me wince. i guess its fine if you want to remain single forever to take their advice… i hate this "just dump him" bullshit.

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  13. Everyone especially fashion magazines are so obsessed about Caroline, I don't understand why. Well maybe she is chic, maybe she is Parisienne, so what?! I can see a lot of women who is more interesting, more beautiful, more chic than her. And I think she looks too much masculine like a man with a messy hair

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