Sub for more: | Danny Gold for Liberty Writers reports, The CIA has done a lot of very bad stuff. I mean the Iraq war and tapping the phones of Congress were terrible, but the full coup against Trump is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

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  1. Iraq war is Bush era.They should go back to Bush.They need fake news for
    job security.Senior Bush is in the hospital again.

    • Caffine addict The Vicious, Scarry, Barrbaric Demons & Devils are
      Salavating, Waiting to Torture his Ole, Decrepit, Lying, Soddomite
      A**!!!!!!! Hallelujah, Here Comes, The Judge; Prince of the Martyrs:
      Christ, Our Lord~Amen…♡ ♡

    • Kevin Becker is everybody on this channel as dumb as the comments you all
      make that right you had to be a dumbass to vote for Trump when he lies he
      lies to you all too and you all buy into it


    • +Robert Ramsey
      Prove your claim fuckboy!
      Show your proof of the lies. So far he has come through on what he has said
      and did even more before elected than we expected. I did not vote and stop
      assuming. That makes you a liar. You act just like mainstream media by
      I came to find all the media lies attacking him by researching and now they
      are getting caught in the act. He is our CIF. Show some fucking respect to
      your president.
      You’re treading some scary ground if you want to start trouble with Trumps
      I won’t play games with you. If you are going to make claims then back them
      and I’ll here you out otherwise it’s your opinion.
      Now where are your proofs?

    • Now that Brennan is gone, CIA insiders are starting to speak. Brennan was
      the big mole, an Islamic spy. MSM hiding it from the public.

    • The fact is when ever ure good to humanity, They will do what it takes to
      take you out… Abraham Lincoln… Martin Luther King… John Kenedy…
      Kaddhafi….. Should i continue? I hope Trump is not next on the list. I am
      black and i love this man. He is bright.

  2. I am beginning to trust Russia over our own government agencies and
    President Obama never thought I would see that day

    • Aaron, it is always smart to not trust your government, and the US
      government has done some horribly shady things, but anyone that says they
      trust Russia is either mentally ill or horrifically uneducated.

    • Cindy Nobinger

      You’re not alone, most people are now preferring to trust Russia over
      Obama’s & Clinton’s America. They are George Soros “Puppets” making sure
      the NWO pulls America into Oblivion ! !!
      And Russia is laughing at the stupidity of the American people to be fooled
      for the last 8 years !!!

    • LovelySheep well tell everyone to quit having so many kids. the chem trails
      are them seeding the clouds to produce rain. we need fresh water, and
      something to shut up the global warming people to quit wasting everything

    • caspersees6257 Here in Baltimore, IT’S a Daily spraying, it’s 5-6 planes,
      Sometimes at Same time in the sky.. Simoultaneously ive Taken, dozens of
      pics of um; Illuminati Freemason Controlled Govt Owned Pilots, within the
      Military.. Some FEDEX Planes, as well.. They Apparently mix, the chemicals
      into their plane’s Gas tanks, comes outta the Exhaust!!!!!! (66*)
      Unbelievable XXX

    • they fund their black ops trading weapons and cash for dope to import,
      which helps destroy society and they know it! going on 50+ years now.

    • Lydia Brockmeyer and send the Jews to another holocaust. they killed Jesus
      on purpose and they must be exterminated.

    • Clean every known and suspicious swamp then dredge the bottoms to make sure
      ya got them all out. Including the Pentagon. Most of the illegals, except
      the last few millions obama brought over..Claim to be “from” Mexico..they
      need to go there to start their trek back to S. Asia and other parts
      unknown and leave Mexico and the lovely Mexicans alone. They have enough to
      worry about without them and the cartels disgracing their names. They did
      have homes in Jordan and Turkey but got kicked out for being too violent
      and destroying everything in their paths.

    • Triyonell McSparkle:

      I pray God changes your mind, Lydia. You desire another Holocaust to kill
      the remainder of Jews? I wonder what the Jewish “Jesus” would think about
      that? He was Jewish from the land of Judea (Jews). He is Jewish and He will
      always be, Jewish!

      He never went to Churches. There were no Churches when he walked upon the
      earth. Check with your Bible. “Jesus” attended Synagogues. When he was in
      Jerusalem, he would go to the Temple. All very Jewish things to do.

      Do you know of any Jews, alive today, who “killed” Jesus, two thousand
      years, ago? Your, obvious answer should be, No, for it would be impossible.
      Then, why do you desire their deaths for something that happened 2,000
      years, ago? I would hate it if people, alive today, were thrown into gas
      ovens, for something that happened two thousand years, ago!
      Yet, this is exactly what you are saying.

      I believe in punishment for doing wrong, but only IF I did something wrong.
      Jews, alive today did NOT kill Jesus 2,000 years, ago. They were not even
      born, yet!

      Jews did not kill Jesus. Crucifixion is not a form of death that Jews would
      perform. However, it was a form of execution that Romans did. It was Roman
      soldiers who killed Jesus. They hung him on the cross. They put nails in
      his feet and wrists. They spit on him and plucked his beard.. They mocked
      and tortured him. They plunged the spear into his right side. The Romans
      killed Jesus, and the world has blamed the Jews, ever since! So, what’s
      new? It’s a shame, but history is full of the facts.

      There were a few of the Jewish leaders, who didn’t like Jesus. They saw how
      people loved him and followed him. They became afraid, people would like
      Jesus, better than them. These few Jews, along with many Gentile
      (non-Jewish) leaders became bitter and jealous of Jesus.

      BUT, there were tens of thousands of Jews who loved him and followed him!
      Many, still do so, all around the world.

    • Shoshannah B. they dont matter. they must take the responsibility for it.
      lol i was trying to see if my comment triggers anyone. You did wrote a long
      paragraph lol. no another holocaust would be horrible. we had enough
      killing going already.

  3. Listen to me! The last time the dems and cia were this mad at the country
    was at the turn of the century, now if bush had nothing to do with 911
    because he was so *stupid*, I suspect it was the intelligence that let it
    slip under their nose on purpose.

    • cheney and his PNAC-ZIO buddies. Israel said 911 was good for them, they
      got scads of “security contracts” to spy on Americans out of that “Patriot
      Act” garbage that was written BEFORE the big “Pearl Harbor New York” event.

  4. Time to reset the CIA. They have become too powerful and unhinged. Brennon
    needs to go home and retire, and shut his mouth.

    • The dossier isn’t from the CIA, it was researched and written by a former
      MI6 operative named Christopher Steele, and only someone who hates America
      would pretend that the allegations are irrelevant. If Russia has a
      blackmail file on Trump, he is not only illegitimate, but he is
      compromised. And if any of his campaign staff coordinated the DNC hack and
      subsequent Clinton smears, Trump is also a criminal and must be removed
      from office. Read the document I linked to, and stop drinking the Kool-Aid
      from the un-American extreme right propaganda machine.

    • +InformantNet It’s clearly a propaganda campaign to get rid of Trump. I
      don’t think the allegations are irrelevant, I think they are ridiculous. He
      hired hookers to pee on a bed that Obama slept in? And apparently I’m the
      extreme one for not taking it seriously? Ok then. Maybe if everyone from
      the media to celebrities, to politicians weren’t crying wolf for the last 2
      years over Trumps benign comments, maybe I could take this seriously. This
      is their last desperate attempt to ruin Trump, and it will fail just like
      the rest.

  5. they just don’t relies who they are messing with president Donald J Trump
    he is the return of Cyrus and anybody who comes against him will lose the
    CIA will be defunded and their time is over.

    • +Chuck Toddler Yes obummer created and supported his muslim brothers and
      yes bush was in bed with the Saudis. What the hell does that have to do
      with the Jews. When the Saudis puppet, obummer, was in the WH he turned his
      back on Israel and gave Iran everything but the kitchen sink because they
      like all islamic countries have the same commands to kill the Jews. To bad
      for you we are educated and you muslim trolls are too stupid to do any

    • Now that Brennan is gone, CIA insiders are starting to speak. Brennan was
      the big mole, an Islamic spy. MSM hiding it from the public.


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