This normal-looking frying pan teaches you to cook (Counter/Space)


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We got a cooking newbie to try a smart frying pan to see if it could teach him to cook. Find out what happened on Counter/Space.

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    • Bjarke Carlsen I have watched today a documentary where a study was
      mentioned covering how stupid people gave become due to leisure life.
      Compared to our ancestors or people the were forced to deal with everyday
      difficulties in life, modern people are way more stupid. Take bread for
      instance, if the bakery is closed, how many people yiu know can make a loaf
      of bread. Ni they would wait for it to open.

    • +Mike Wolf
      There is one thing in the world everybody think they have enough of and
      that is brains.
      What I said was not as polarized as you describe, sure there are people who
      were not exposed at all to cooking that basically do not know what they are
      doing, then there are those who think they know what they are doing but are
      doing nothing, and those that know actually that they are doing it
      If you are a physicist that does not mean you are good with solvingh car
      problems, hwever if you like to be educated in multiple subjects, you can
      do so. Problem is people are too focused on one thing, that they lose
      perspective and generally suck at life.

  1. Men invented this frying pan because women no longer know how to cook. And
    the “cat lady” population continues its explosive growth.

    • There is an art to cooking, but it also involves science. The simple act of
      cooking, by its nature, at the very least already involves one of the
      oldest *technologies* mankind ever acquired, the use of fire. Using a
      mortar and pestle to bash your food is a _technological _ process. That
      being said, a better investment woulds be to buy $130 worth of food, make
      use of the very good (and free) on-line culinary instruction, get to know
      the pan you already own, and just get on with it.


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