Top 5 new features in the next iOS (CNET Top 5)


The latest version of iOS is out for developers. Find out what you can look forward to in your iPhones and iPads.

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  1. Apple also need also to allow 3rd party apps to access the Phone, record
    conversations and all the other things developers will come up with.

    • +Gary Macphee I guess it’s there “opinion ” but what’s not a opinion is the
      iPhones low res LCD screen and uncustomizable os

    • Just don’t hate on someone because they like something you consider sucks.
      some people just prefer apple for their own reasons. different strokes for
      different folks, there’s no set definition for what a good phone is. People
      like what they like

    • 93Legit Apple has been selling iPads for years. Consumers don’t buy iPads
      just for “Split Screen” Just how Samsung phones and tablets both do split

  2. I don’t really want these new features. The only features that i need, are
    the file manager and ability to clear cache. Without JB-ing of course. But
    it seems that Apple will never add those features forever.

    • What would be the advantage? In my view, regular users can use
      iCloud(Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc) and anyone who wants to dig through
      their phone’s file structure can achieve that with a jailbreak.

      Genuine question here, I know these things can come off more aggressive
      than intended online.

    • I understand what you’re talking about, I don’t understand what the
      advantage of that for an average user. What would it do to enrich user

    • SimonLYW Umm, so i think the advantage is, you can browse folders without
      internet connection unlike cloud system. In my problem, I have a very bad
      internet connection (average 50KBps). So, the cloud system, well, doesn’t
      help much since cloud requires connection to transfer file. And then
      consumes much time cus of bad connection. And if transfer via iTunes, you
      have to download a big file. But, if you are on Android, you just plug in
      your USB cable, and move the file you want to transfer just like via

    • Many of these services offer offline options (granted iCloud doesn’t, but
      the apps you’d open the docs in have offline storage), plus you have things
      like Documents by Readle that’ll do essentially what you’re asking for.
      I speak strongly on this, as I’ve deployed little under 300 iPads and
      similar numbers of iPhones using Google Drive as the File Manager within my
      organisation. This was a real problem before iOS 8 added the document
      provider, but since you can do pretty much anything you want with documents
      store in the could/on your iOS device.

      Sorry, I do understand the problem you’re having, I just feel like it’s
      fairly niche and could be solved by the above things I mentioned.


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