Tornado damages Madison and Sun Prairie


Madison and Sun Prairie Tornado

MADISON, Wis. – A tornado touched down on Madison’s east side and Sun Prairie Saturday afternoon, causing notable damage.

News 3 reporter Jenna Middaugh spoke to Jennifer Hardesty who experienced the tornado while in her car.  

“The wind was so crazy, I thought to get out of the car with all the debris would be dangerous,” Hardesy said. “All of the sudden I got this picture of something coming through the windshield, so I took off my seat belt and we got on the floor.”

A streetlight fell and hit Hardesty’s vehicle, but she and her husband were not injured.

News 3 reporter Velena Jones was also investigating the aftermath and spoke to Nicolas Bower, whose car was crushed by a roof that flew off a nearby business.

“Look at it, one minute everything is good and then the next minute you got a building on top of your truck,” Bower said.

No injuries have been reported from the storm.

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