Trump’s net approval rating dropping in every state


President Donald Trump’s net approval rating has gone down in
every state since taking office in January, a new analysis from
Morning Consult found Tuesday

Trump’s net approval rating, which is his disapproval rating
subtracted from his approval rating, went down by at least 11
points in every state between January and September. The smallest
change was in Louisiana, where his net approval dipped by 11.4
points. The largest change took place in Illinois, where his net
approval dropped by 30.6 points.

Here’s the change in Trump’s net approval for each state:

Andy Kiersz/Business Insider

In pivotal swing states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan, and
Wisconsin — the three states that helped seal Trump’s victory
last fall — his net approval rating has fallen by 15.6, 22.6, and
17.9 points respectively between January and September.

Trump experienced similar dips in deep-red states. In Tennessee,
Kentucky, Arizona, and Mississippi, all of which have not voted
for a Democratic presidential candidate in two decades, Trump’s
net approval has dipped 20 points or more.

Much of the downward spiral can be attributed to Democrats and
independent voters, Morning Consult found. Since taking office,
Trump’s net approval rating with Democrats dropped 25 points.
With independents, his net approval rating dropped 18 points.
Trump’s net approval rating among Republicans has dropped 9
points, although he still has the support of 81% of GOP voters

Morning Consult’s analysis was based off surveying more than
472,000 registered voters across each state and Washington, DC,
since Trump took office.

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