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Everybody this is Derral Eve’s want to welcome you to the YouTube advanced training and this one’s a special one today I am actually this week I’ve been in New York City and I’ve been at basically hit Google headquarters out here and have been doing some certification training and really rubbing shoulders with the guys that actually do a lot of cool stuff and been able to get in touch with them and to sit and corner them and ask a lot of questions and I have been super amazed that they were completely opened up and and they they basically told it how it was and what they thought now they were reserved on some aspects of it but I know a lot of it had to do with the NDA I signed and the Terms of Service through this certification program that I’m going through but but it was really really cooled it’s a very limited elite group I was just honored to be here and invited by Tom Pickett so Tom thank you so much Tom’s the the vice president of content for YouTube thank you so much for nominating me that that really means a lot to me but there’s some really cool things that happen I was really looking forward to this trip and I come into New York City and I’m here to tell you guys a little bit different pace than where I’m from I mean I’m a country boy from Utah you know there’s not a lot of height you know high pace going on and I do apologize for the story but yet you have to hear this story it’s pretty funny so I’m all walking down the road there’s not 20 of us walking down the sidewalk there and I we’re just moving back and forth and I’m crossing streets and honking you hear the cab’s honking and people yelling and all that other stuff I mean it’s it’s New York City right I mean I’ve been here before and it’s all that other stuff well anyway I started to walk and I I mean I’m in this group kind of in the zone you know and I didn’t see this little little hole in the side and you can’t really tell from this hole but it’s like three inches down there and my foot hit right kind of in between this is the day before I’m supposed to go to youtube right kind of in between and I’ll tell you what I fell down so hard I mean I hit and what blew me away I mean there’s at least 25 people around me and not one person stopped to see if I was okay and I mean I nailed the ground guys I mean I’m a big guy as it is right and I hit that ground so hard and it hurts so bad cuz I guess I buckled my ankle never hurt you know that that before it was so painful you know when you really had that excruciating pain that you’re you almost wanna vomit that’s where I was at and not one person not one person stop and say are you okay are you all right they just walk by like I didn’t even exist and let me show you my foot I mean this is my foot and it is like completely swollen up this is just moments I probably a couple hours after it happened it’s a lot worse now I have worse pictures that’s there and I I was like blown away I were just like blown away by oh man I was just like I can’t believe nobody even stopped but you know what people are saying you know it’s New York hustle and bustle all that other stuff but I I do want to say this it may differ there’s a lot of great people here I was able to talk to a lot of great people maybe it was just a group of people that was you know walking through and and all that other stuff but man I’ll tell you what that wasn’t the best start to start out the YouTube training let me tell you because I was hobbling around and it was it was horrible it was horrible but anyway enough about that looks like we have enough piled in that I can get started guys we’re gonna get some training going right now so you don’t have to hear about mr.

Wobbles that’s what they call me now cuz they hobble down the road there but we’ll go ahead and talk about the YouTube Underground now if you’re not a part of the YouTube underground I would I would strongly encourage you to do that first off you got to have a Google+ account and you want to go to derraleves.com forward slash underground it’ll automatically take you to the community now this is a place where we get involved help each other out give little tips and techniques the replay of this will be posted there as well it’s a great community it’s growing it’s still it’s still a little you know on the growth infancy stage so invite your friends get more people involved I really want this to be a big thing because we can really help each other out and there’s a lot of things that I’ve been telling you they’re coming and I’m telling you they’re here I’m they’re here I want to talk about them and I spent most of this week at YouTube certification training and I have been I mean it was it’s crazy there’s like 8 o’clock in the morning to like you know the first one was 7 o’clock at night when I left I mean the next day it was like to about and then the next day was like half a day right and I’m here to tell you that there’s a lot of changes coming and they were completely open with a lot of the changes there just because I signed an NDA of course and there’s a lot that I cannot talk about I’ll be honest with you I and I’m very cautious of what I’m going to say but I’ve been telling you a lot of things that we need to do online especially when it comes to the visibility on YouTube and I’ve been telling you time and time and time again of what it is now’s the time to do it guys you do not want to left behind there’s a lot of very very important things that we need to do now you might be saying Darryl what are those things you know you can go back and watch the the different advanced trainings but I’ve been I’ve been pretty much preaching this for a year and a lot of stuff is really starting to solidify this week I mean a lot of it hit just within the last couple days and it’s really changed the way and the dynamic of YouTube and it’s gonna get more and more powerful I’m telling you more and more powerful and you want to be ahead of this curve so that you can enjoy the fruits of being ahead of the curve whenever you do that you’ll see better visibility and better traction and if you don’t you know then you’re really going to it’s gonna affect everything it really will and your visibility just give you a little tip I was in a training training one of these training meetings and the guy that actually does the search algorithm he actually works with the engineers and then he communicates it to the rest of the world I mean that was that is because his job and he was going through and they were talking about you know ranking value and all the other different things from there and you know he was asking some some questions of how it shows up in the feed and just kind of get a think of the room and I was putting out my comments and and so uh so forth he just starts to laugh and the reason why I was laughing was because he goes he goes you’re nailing it right on the spot you understand you know what we’re looking for and it’s what I tell you from the beginning they want really good content the meta information is only a portion of what they’re looking at guys I’m here to tell you and they really really want to be a community ok this generation see and they track everything everything and and the visibility and the growth and in everything so anyway going on to it went through the certification you know I’m supposed to take the tests as soon as they they send it to me I don’t know when that’s going to be they said today this afternoon I haven’t seen it yet but we’ll see what what happens from there we’ll be ill be fine but let’s get right into it here is the most important thing that you need to do right now ok Google+ Google+ is the thing that you need to get involved with right now whether you like it or not it is going to be the foundation of Google they are pushing you every direction to a to have a Google+ account and integrate everything with Google+ now I told you over a year ago to get on board to get involved good to get your clients on volved if you want any type of exposure for yourself or your clients for your channel this is the medium that you need to start doing that and they’re gonna give certain specific love in the algorithm for you based on what your activity or your authority with Google+ with YouTube it’s all good it’s all going to merge and I’m here to show you it is going to merge so much now Steven Kilberg says Darrell you know what if I have more than one Google+ account now Steven it’s very important that you have one main account okay and you start pulling all the other stuff in there’s a video that I have of how to merge some accounts I have some other Google+ training that’s coming out here shortly it is critical okay so right here on the call does everyone does everyone know does everyone have a Google+ account I’d type yes if you have a Google+ account real quick you okay so there is yes is coming across the board that you have a Google+ account that is awesome okay now here’s the thing the you basically have an account now how many of you right now use it how many of you use it frequently this is a very important thing to be honest here if you use it frequently that’s what we need to know okay you know a couple twice a week and you know and frequently you know I check it daily somes never you know Watts not really a lot of people are saying facebook facebook facebook you know not much okay now here’s the thing you want to make sure if you have a Google+ account that you are actually logged into that account when you work with your activity there’s a important thing behind that is because they track everything that you do okay and there are things that you need to do and have show up in your feed for Google+ to have it be effective okay now there’s certain things that I test and I been testing it around I have to actually ramp it up quite a bit okay quite a bit just based off of the conversations that I had just these last few days now here’s the important thing and I know there’s a lot of questions guys and we’ll hold the questions to the end and I’ll answer as much as I can and you know the other might have to be in the other training that we have but the the thing right now is Google+ now is integrated more so than it ever was before with YouTube and they’ve updated commenting with Google+ now I don’t know who’s seen that and has you know some people are saying they have a hard time hear me can everybody hear me just fine okay everybody it just might be your connection guys but basically they integrated commenting with Google Plus now this is huge guys because number one when you comment in YouTube it now can can pull into your Google+ account okay very very important and there’s a lot of great things that you can do a lot of great things okay now let me kind of explain why I love this is because the in YouTube commenting is so horrible for the content creator I can’t even tell you I mean in a given day I might get anywhere between 400 to 500 comments I can’t I don’t have time to respond to all those comments it’s so tough and I you know a lot of them are trolls oh you know and we’ll talk about what trolls are and it did what YouTube has planned for trolls oh man I feel bad for those people but anyway here’s the thing is they’ve integrated it now more so than ever with Google Plus with YouTube okay now so you take this specific so you can actually post something in Google+ and it can pull into YouTube or vice versa okay and the great thing about it is you can start doing you know you can call people out you can do a comment towards a specific you know group if you have a circle you can do that my might my cool thing is you can do hashtags oh man I am so looking forward to hashtags why because it’s filtering you’re able to filter even more and do a lot of integration man it is so awesome okay now here is some great things okay this is why I am super stoked the first thing is that you can actually choose so the content creator of the channel can actually choose what content comments go to the top I get these great comments and it gets pushed down and they get a couple likes or whatever but you get to choose now which comment as a content creator that you want everyone to see think how powerful that is that is super powerful especially when you know what they might elaborate on a specific video that you might miss something and they’re more elaborate II and it’s a great comment but nobody gets to see it nobody’s commenting on it now there’s two cool things about it number one if they use that comment with Google+ people respond to that comment in Google+ it responds to their profile as well as your Channel think about that guys did you just think about what I just said that is bringing back some major major major focus in on their Google+ and activity that they didn’t have before and Jerry nailed it right on the head it brings vitality to it so Jerry McCoy you get the the bonus here there’s a lot of variety that can happen with that as well okay why because it gets this it gets your reach out even further than where you had before where the comments before there was no virality at all with commenting on YouTube okay it was just a way that people could communicate in a verbal way so here’s the thing is and patty this is for you for Chicago I’m saying when you comment on YouTube you can choose whether that that comment shows up not only on the YouTube video but also your profile feed you can just click a little box and it can go on both or you can just say no I only want this to resonate on on YouTube now the cool thing about it too is you can also comment a comment on the Google+ let me tell you how you can do that think about it people embed videos you know how when people embed videos those embedded videos are out there okay if it’s via Google+ and they embed it from there guess where those comments go back think about that Wow right back to the content creator that is so huge now a lot of the functionality there’s a lot of things that are are still you know they’re still testing it out they’re basically basically the next two things is really going to change YouTube as we know it completely okay completely okay so what is it well you can actually ban users from commenting without letting them know when they go and they look at your video they see their comment the rest of the people have no idea that that comments even there think how important that is so you can actually people and here’s here’s the thing and you’re like saying well what does that matter well these guys will go on and trust me I’m one that I get over spammed on comments why because they’re trying to sell some type of internet marketing secret or whatever and they’re trying to troll off of my information and you know they have some BOTS or whatever when that comments deleted all they do is create a new YouTube account and make another comment you know it’s the same people doing the other stuff the great thing about it is I can ban that user they won’t even know that they’re banned they they’ll see that they’re still there it puts them on I mean this is the way that they they said it there’ll be two types of youtubes one for trolls and one for everybody else and they won’t even know is it they’ll have that separation they won’t even know that they’re on that other side of YouTube why because they’re not notified it’s not deleted it’s not it’s out there it’s just bad isn’t that just brilliant I mean that right there I’m here to tell ya I am so super excited why because it gives you a lot more power than you’ve ever had before with commenting it’s just fantastic because you know what you can have relevant comments they go to the top you can also ban certain comments and they won’t even know that it happens now check this one out you can also filter filter so if somebody leaves a certain word it automatically bans them you can literally filter with words for specific people or you can only say you know what I want a whitelist I want all these people to never be banned and it’s in my circle think about that this is getting really really powerful and I’m here to tell you guys this this is only like the tip of the iceberg this is not even close to what’s coming out not even close okay this is the beginning of the beginning okay it is gonna get more integrated and I told you from the beginning YouTube wants to be everywhere they want to be everywhere they want to have and be a community okay they are the number two search engine in the world but they literally want to broadcast everywhere and have everyone broadcast and they are doing a lot of cool things to make that possible okay so let’s do some over the shoulder training let me go ahead and move off here make sure that everybody can see can everybody see my screen still just want to make sure that you can see that if you can see my screen put yes just real quick so I know okay great great great okay there’s a couple couple things if you have not subscribed to my channel I want you to go subscribe to the channel this is very very important and it’s not just because I’m pushing my own channel or anything else like that loud yes it is but there’s really cool things I’m going to show you live what we can do okay so if you haven’t subscribed you know subscribe really quick okay so here’s here’s my my little channel that I have and I’ve been very very cool we’re making some great ground I’ve been able to meet all my goals that I’ve set for the year it’s just been fantastic thank you so much okay now let me tell you what I’m talking about right now the only place that you can do this is in discussions so if you go to discussions for commenting this is the only place that’s enable because honestly they have to test it out some way oh let me tell you – you have to if you’re not so here’s my Google+ page I need everyone like add me to your circle if you’re logged in real quick here’s that I just sent everybody everybody get that link you should have that link we just send both of those real quick again sorry guys I should have had this ready before but it’s been a crazy day so far okay so you should have that so go through that and subscribe to my channel subscribe to my G+ page and I’m gonna show you some cool things that you’re able to do okay and it has everything to do with discussions now discussions is what is where it’s gonna change and it’s going to go across all of YouTube okay and the reason why they’re just doing it with discussions is because that they have to do it in veda across the board before they do it if not there’ll be a lot of angry people okay and we want to do that so does everybody is everybody there can everybody see my screen I just want to I want to just make sure that you see that okay okay so everybody can see it okay great so um I like Bill Walsh I like him a lot I really do he’s come and visited me well he drove through my town and we had lunch so I can call him out so I can say it you want Bill Walsh okay so he’s in my circles and so on and so forth and I I can actually call him out individually thanks for your comments okay and I can also call out circles so I can just do a plus and start doing whatever I want so I can pull in circles or whatever but I can call in even people that are not in my circle I don’t I don’t know if Patrick’s in my circle here he might be let’s see here you yeah so he’s not my circle right here so I can literally call people out by name as a content creator on on YouTube this is huge guys and remember you know one thing that really frustrated me about really frustrated me about YouTube is they never gave you personal information about your subscribers you just had just some other stuff this completely opens the door there’s so much that can happen after this and it’s so powerful and I’ve been I’ve been testing it out and I’ve seen a huge boost in my subscribers by just doing a simple thing okay so here’s some people that are just doing it and you can comment on the great thing is you know if I like Patrick I can definitely add them to my circle or do whatever I need to do but I can well type in on the wrong screen I could I could do whatever type whatever in okay so I’ll just go ahead and actually make this a little bit easier nope doesn’t let me cut and paste here you you know let me yeah sorry sorry guys I’ll get this here in a second you okay so we had those two thanks for your comments and I’m gonna go ahead + now the cool thing about this is you can say you know I want this to share on G+ now you can say if you want this public you know maybe I don’t maybe I want it just with the specific circle I want to just share it with a specific circle this is where just really cool I this is where I really like it because I like to get a lot of comments and I like to integrate it with a specific target audience so like right now I have this coaching program that’s going on and we’re working up to this event and I don’t want to interact with them this gives me the ability to do that and not be visible to the world and I can do it via video and I can do it via private video I mean that is just super awesome so so the first thing is as you as you are more integrated you’re subscribed to the YouTube channel you don’t even have to be subscribed to the YouTube channel or if yours into the G+ page you can actually do this but now I can I can say I want more people to see this or you can have only specific people see it so of course it’s gonna pull in Bill and it’s gonna pull in Patrick okay but I can also say to you on I want the public to see it or I can have specific circles do does everybody see this okay so great I’m gonna post this now the great thing about this is now this added right here in the in the discussions now picture this it’s gonna do the same thing in video but for right now this is what they’re beta and with and you’re baiting beta is only in the discussions tab it will be in all commenting across the board this is a way to test it up I can do little thumbs up or whatever and I can come back here I can do a little quick refresh real quick sorry my connection on this mobile device is super slow it’s super is snow so okay so I’m here and you can see that it now said you know on Darrell shared a channel from his YouTube blah-blah-blah-blah-blah thanks for your comments and then it shares my channel but here’s the cool thing that gets your reach out a little bit further because it’s going to people what they’re wanting more so than anything ever and I’m telling you right now it’s more subscribers on your channels because the subscribers actually have more watch time and they want more watch time on YouTube that’s their whole goal I’m telling you is to create a community and get more watch time as as a as a goal for for YouTube so anyway this is how it shows up so with the video it’s gonna actually show up with the video and embed it so when you make a comment it’s gonna embed that video and have those comments and there will be a little tab that you can not embed the video but you see how cool that this is awesome I mean this is so awesome I am super excited about this because you’re able to really have some powerful tools now Bryan Rasmus is asking you know when is this rolling out right now this features for everyone in the discussions tab so you need to be a G+ you have to have your account tied to G+ to make this work and definitely I’m gonna have some great training coming out I have a whole series of Google+ training so you make sure that you want to be in my G+ circles because it’s only gonna be for those people in my G+ circle I’m not going to charge for it but only the people in my G+ circle will get it and it’s gonna be the specific training now let me let me do some other stuff here so let’s go to the video manager let me show you really cool my other thing so going into your video manager I’m going to come back down to community okay this is where you find all the cool little options here you’ll go to comment settings okay this is how you get rid of trolls when I say I want to ban users you can ban users right here so I can actually create a circle and ban or I can ban individuals so they can never ever comment on any of my stuff so if there’s someone that is just anti derral eves you know i can literally put them in there and his comments will never show up now here’s the fun thing is he’ll comment he’ll put everything in there and you’ll be able to see those comments but guess what it will never show up you know what is it’ll never show up you know you’ll see it but it’ll never show up for anybody else that’s how cool that is I can also do a proved user so it never filters out these users so if there’s like a group of people that I never want to be filtered at all that I just say do not never filter these people and it’s awesome blacklist this is things if they put in specific comments or words I mean that that is something that you you definitely need to watch so I want to show you why it’s frustrating for me with comments do you guys want to see that you want to see why I get so frustrated with comments so I do videos of course about YouTube you know and let me give you my favorite example is this video right here okay how to get more views on YouTube I I mean I put some time into this video right here check this out my first thing an hour ago you guys want to see some sexy hot slim babes go visit my channel you know I made gaming channels please subscribe such a great video learning lots of stuff that’s that’s a good one I’ll actually comment on that one you know but I have to go through a lot of junk just sorry okay I have to go through a lot of junk just to get the good comments you know promoting Hey look at this you can get more views that here here’s some that are spammed out that probably shouldn’t even ever look at you know cliff has a great really good comment so that my whole thing is there’s a lot of junk in here and it is just I made a whole bunch of comments the other day but it’s just bad you know no there’s no viagra ads but it’s bad you know in the sense of all the different things that that they’re doing and there’s a lot of sub4sub and i’ll tell you what guys if you ever do that you do not want to you don’t want to play in that playground because they are coming after that type of a behavior okay okay so does everybody get that I mean I I truly hope that you understand what’s coming down the pipeline and you know you’re you’re excited about it you’re you’re grateful for the comments I’m gonna show you a couple more quick items so that we can wrap this up and we’ll go right to the QA so community of course is what we’ve talked about in another advanced training I’m not going to go in a lot of detail so if you have questions on this you can you can play around here in this section or watch the advanced training on it I showed you that a while back this is great that you can actually see who your influencers are people that you know have a lot of subscribers you can connect with them you can also get some insights as well where you know you can see your top fans or your recent activities or what your other people are interested in you know you can go hey look it’s DQ you can see all the other stuff that’s going on on your channel kinda in a in a glass and I’m here to tell you this is gonna get a lot better a lot better I mean a lot better now the only way it’s gonna get a lot better for you is how much you actually integrate back with your G+ that’s why I’m saying you need to get really really involved with G+ and so I can actually start going integrating back with my top fans and different things like that and go from there now let me show you let’s transition real quick cuz this is really really cool they just added this yesterday and and they’ve been doing this for quite some time everybody wants music that they can use musics a very touchy thing on YouTube of copyright I had to I had to literally sit through the attorney for YouTube on copyright stuff and he scared the heck out of me I mean literally scared the heck out of me and you can go under creation tools that should show up now under your video manager and you’ll see this audio library here’s the cool thing about it they want you to create videos and they’re gonna give you so many tools you have no idea what’s coming out and they gave me a glance is amazing okay some amazing things this is one that has been requested time after time we want royalty-free music well here it is guys you have your royalty-free music and you can download it and use it on anything here’s a little download you can do a little mark as a favorite this is a great start this is the featured you can go in and sort it by duration so if you want a 25 minute piece or you can do it down to you know let’s see if you want to find a video that are at audio clip between 6 minutes and 7 minutes or something like that and you can see it pulls up some from there let’s say I want something I mean it’s really cool this search functionality of really you know using some great music and they’re getting more and more people adding to this all the time if you go down to the bottom you can see that you if you want to add to their library you can you know YouTube will accept it you have to do a few things to do it most of its being mixed in there in their spaces that they have around the world so that they actually have the ownership of it and then they give it out free to everyone it’s great and so it it so cool you can start playing it listening to it the great thing about it is if you use their video editor I’ll I have a video coming out to really show you how to all integrate this stuff but you know there’s a lot more to come with this so in short guys you know you really want to get your G+ account put together if you don’t have it you want to start using it and you really want to start integrating a little bit with YouTube as much as possible because between now and the first of the year there are so many changes that are coming up that you do not want to left behind you don’t want to be left behind and some of these changes are super super big and it’s really gonna change the face of the look fill and interaction in YouTube and it’s really gonna bring a new spin on search I’ll just hint at that and you don’t want to be left behind on it you really really want to go after it and be be ahead of the curve ok so let’s go to a few things here let’s do some QA and I appreciate everybody coming on so let’s go ahead and go through some q and A’s if you have a question I would like to talk to you and just put I have a question and then at like a Q and I will bring you on hopefully my internet will support that we’ll see what happens you know on the mobile device and we’ll start with Steve Q since his last name begins with the Q so let me go from there give me one second there’s a lot of people on here so I do apologize hello Steve how you doing Darryl how are you doing great doing great what question can I ask her for you well first of all I hope that ankle is feeling better yeah it’s it’s fine that you know with the new hummingbird update yes how is that integrating into the changes that you’ve showed us here today so there’s a lot of speculation there’s a lot of people saying you know I know exactly what hummingbird is and all this stuff I don’t think anybody knows now it was interesting to be at Google headquarters in New York when hummingbird came out and all the scuttle bug that was going on and people laughing they were literally laughing and you know you’re eating in their cafeteria with the engineers and different people that’s there and you know people don’t have a clue of what’s really there the thing the thing that you don’t ever want to forget is what I’ve been teaching you from the beginning you want good quality content okay and you want to give it the exposure that that it deserves you want to integrate it as much as you can with the Google Plus product I’m just telling you you want to do that and you want to use every every type of platform now don’t neglect Facebook don’t neglect Twitter they don’t neglect it either I promise you they don’t do that but you definitely want to give it a good look you know it that making sure you have good quality content and not trying to do stuff that is gaming the system because they don’t like gamers you know the game the system so it really hasn’t changed much that the people that really get worried about it is the ones that build you know a whole ton of backlinks and you know they’re just looking for the people that are doing that and they’re penalizing them I mean basically what’s going on so great well thank you very much hey can I just tell you one other thing the thing about it and and this is what I want everyone to understand this is of course a YouTube training YouTube I love YouTube but it’s valid for this it’s not about the quantity of the links that you have it’s about the quality and it’s always been that way well not always but that’s where it’s leading and so if it’s a really really good link that has you know valid content content on it it’s gonna be worth a lot more than anything else that’s out there so don’t worry about you know link diversity or anything else like that think about high quality links and then if you’re worried about the local component do it locally that’s very important to do it locally okay so yeah yeah awesome man all right man thank you okay David o nil let’s get you on here and let’s see if we can do questions guys I know that there’s a lot of questions on local search like that so let’s do G Plus and YouTube because I’ll have to see those questions for another time you know this is the audience for YouTube advanced training so David how are you doing hello good to have you on what’s your question well when you talk about commenting earlier I’ve had this question that’s outstanding with some other people as well I I have multiple channels yes how does that work and how does it work when you have multiple managers yeah so the great thing about it is I have a video of how to have multiple managers on one channel you have to tie your your channel into a Google Plus page to do that to get my deafness or that once it’s there then it pulls it back in they can either comment on as the G+ page or the channel for themselves they get to choose so then you have to choose in YouTube when they make the comment oh yeah they’re yeah they’re not gonna make you do stuff like you know or you can only do it as this because you’ll be able to use YouTube as whatever you want to use I’m a business account and when I use the business account I use the business account page yeah yeah and and and that’s what you want to do but you want to make yourself a manager of the business account to of the business page so you individually because you need to have a voice and you need into the business and the business itself needs to have a standalone you know account you need to be have a standalone account and then tie your standalone account into your business unless you are you are you saying I I need to have a separate business G+ account no no G+ page right and I do so I personally have multiple pages G+ pages and therefore I as I go to YouTube based on those pages I wind up with YouTube channels related each page you know that’s you don’t necessarily have to have an individual channel with the knife yeah I realize that because I’d ask you what do you want to go do YouTube as yeah yeah and and what I’m saying is if your business your business channel and Google+ page needs to be attached to your individual G+ should be attached to the Google+ page and it will attach you to the specific YouTube account so that way if you have 50 managers you don’t have to give them all individual passwords user username passwords to log in they have their own and you can give them what rights they want just absolutely so when somebody post a comment on my business page they’re gonna have the choice well it’s gonna show up where in my business G+ it will be the whatever’s attached to your YouTube channel so if it’s okay your personal page that’s going to your personal page if if well that’s if they they choose to do it or you choose to have it there because individually when they when they do the commenting it’s only gonna be on your video that they can choose to whether put it in their feet or not right okay great okay the other question if you saw it as yeah I can we agree that could we answer that one this one’s not a video dollar fine and and just to answer yes it does more so than ever so you’re gonna come back and talk about that at some point I assume yeah next week okay cool right it yep alright thank you David appreciate it okay anybody else have a question okay Paula doesn’t have a mic and I really would like to get people with mics but I’ll answer your question Paula Hughes all my YouTube accounts are very different markets I don’t want them to be connected how can I keep them separate please do you want Paula that’s a great question and I think the best way to do that is for me to do a little training tutorial video on that so I can put it in my queue of stuff to do or if you want to just reach out to me in Google+ and and just post on my my feed I’ll respond to it there and I’ll just do it replying video and I’ll do it quicker if you do it that way so okay let me Chris cannon did you say yes you have a question if you do I will come I just see you said yes but I didn’t know if you had a question okay let me how you doing Chris I’m great how you doing dear I’m doing great I got a quick question if you have multiple clients and you have a YouTube channel set up for each one do you do you still connect all of those G+ accounts still up under your same account or should those all still stay separate now say that one more time it kind of cut out Facebook so if I have multiple customers and when you set up a YouTube account you automatically get a G+ account okay and so I’ve tried I’m trying to be a little active in each one of those accounts and my question to you is should I put all of those G+ accounts up under my main account or should I still keep them separate um I would keep them separate and then just add you as a manager then that way you can manager you can still be an admin to it you know I’m saying you can still manage it but you you want an easy transition because if if you don’t ever do anything for them anymore and they want the the passwords and stuff like that you want to be able to hand that off to them okay does that make sense Chris it does they don’t even know about the G+ accounts I just do it just because I think it kind of helps with the right thing I know it helps with their ranking and you do too and and and the thing about I think the thing about it is you need to let them know and let it be an unexpected surprise for them and I let them know that you’re doing it for them and there’ll be health happy that you’re doing it yeah so okay okay but you say keep it separate and not put them all together yeah cuz it gets a little fishy a little bit in the sense of hey he has a hundred and sixty different you know G+ accounts you know telling alright what you want to do is I let I left them no I says look I’m gonna have to create you a G+ account and and we’re gonna promote it for your business and we’re tied in to your YouTube channel or we’re going to create you a YouTube channel and then I’m gonna add myself as a manager so I can manage it and not use your your account information you know I’m saying that’s the that’s the correct way of doing it they’re trying to get you so that you don’t have a million accounts they want you to have one account but the managers of other accounts but you can have as many business pages as you want but it’s tied to one account and those come with different you know YouTube channels too but keep in mind I want you to understand this you want to become an authority if you’re coming to Authority in something the more channels that you have attached to your G+ we’re talking YouTube channels and bait pages and it’s all diverse you lessen your authority unless that’s of similar topic and niche so okay that makes sense yeah so cool great to answer your question my friend yes yeah thanks a lot dear I really appreciate it yeah not a problem my friend okay the light crack okay Rebecca happy let’s get you on find you there’s a lot of people on here since it takes me a while let’s scroll down okay hello Rebecca hi how are you doing my question that is about like I I did I did I do have multiple YouTube channels and on a couple of them recently I wanted to do a series of of hangouts you know but there are different subject matter and in order to do that it kind of made me do a Google+ page and at first I was concerned because they all had different email addresses but yesterday I figured out how to put them all under my main account and now you’re saying don’t diversify too much but um then it was like so now I have that you know a few other Google Plus app app pages hey but don’t don’t worry about that because you can always hand it off I you can actually transfer ownership of a Google+ page to someone else and make you a manager and then delete yourself I mean that’s the great thing about it is you can actually set it up get it up going and then transfer ownership to someone else’s account and it get a little complicated I’ll have to do a it’s it’s in my my G+ training that’s coming out and you guys this is gonna be awesome it really is and so so my question there though is now they have these pages that are connected to these YouTube channels that I had like I do is it important for me to like develop them as you know with circles and following and comments and stuff because I was only trying to sort of develop one or two pages like my personal one plus my business one these are yeah Rebecca it depends on what your end goal is if your end goal is that you’re having another entity that has followers you know that you’re able to do a lot if not if it’s just to have an asset as you know for another YouTube channel that can be tied into a local business then you know if it’s a local bakery they’re not going to have a lot of followers you know you know they’re they’re my properties so one of them is because one is a local YouTube channel where I just feature businesses through interviews or advancer community builders so it’s like a local interest one and then one of them is a niche specific one that I want to again focus on people in that specific industry but they’re mine they belong to me not to another business ya know that’s that’s fantastic I think that you’ll be okay what I would do is develop each one of them individually and make sure that you have their own you know their own following and the great thing about is you can cross promote yeah and you can do some collaborations with your other channel and all you know in the upcoming training I’m going to show you a lot how to do that with YouTube and Google+ so so do you think it’s important to like create like structure or circles and followings in on those oh very much so yeah and the reason why is because then you can really filter it down to who actually gets the content I mean you should see my circles most people have maybe like five I mean I have like 50 I have 50 types of circles and some people are in five different circles but the reason why they’re in five different circles is because they’re there’s five different ways of you know how I want them to receive content you know okay great well thank you so much for coming on for this training appreciate it so let me get the next person in line here you got to wrap this up in it I’ll take two more questions I got to wrap it up sorry guys Wow I need to get that find a muting again here there we go okay so last one who has a question here let’s get melton then get you on here hello Milton how you doing no fine how about yourself doing wonderful how can I help you alright the circles you were talking about it um and you said you meant you got a number different circles because you got different ways to keep information does the people of those authorities affect your thoughts so say we have someone that’s an authority in a niche a and you’re an authority and they should be but you have them in your circle and they don’t seem to be relevant does that affect your authority as well yeah that’s a that’s a great question and I was sitting right next I can’t disclose a lot but I was sitting right next to a guy that was that does all the social stuff for the WWE at the this YouTube training so he they have like 26 channels and all this other stuff and his G+ account he literally had a million he was following a million eight people and his circles but modeled like one point arrived sorry two point nine million in his circles it was just crazy the amount so you know we were discussing about a little bit about G+ the aggression with YouTube and one of the questions that I asked specifically was that I wanted to know you know what the effect was and and no it does not it just affects the way that you communicate with the people in your circles you know and and the way that you have it now there is some benefit of the more people that you have in your circle there is some benefit of you know you know getting more visibility because it gives you more of a platform of where it goes and so let me just let me just tell you what I’ve been telling you from the beginning for years it is the more people that you have in your G+ account and in your circle you get priority when they’re logged into Google you get priority your placement you know and that’s huge and we’re talking in the SERPs we’re not talking anymore else and you know you can go across the board and so it can be a huge huge factor down the road and the way the where I truly believe where the you know where the business is heading where that where everything at technology and socials and and and search is all converging its it’s starting to come to pass and I’ll tell you what these last three days it’s just like the writing’s on the wall it’s just a matter of time and so get involved get your circle set up don’t worry about that you want to be able to get the people that would actually be influencers I wouldn’t just go you know put everybody in your circle and hope that they would go back that doesn’t that doesn’t do you a bit of good what does good is getting the right people the right influencers the people that are actually using their G+ account to be on there why because then you get the visibility you get the views you get the you know the exposure so fantastic thank you for answering my question you are my circle right yes I am and I’m in your right just making sure all right Thank You Fred okay okay okay guys I do need to get going I do appreciate you coming on I for those that want to watch this replay it will be emailed out to you I will put it in the YouTube underground that Google+ community of plus a few other places so get involved with that thank you for coming on and those that want to stick around for a bit I’ll answer a few more questions but it’ll be off the recording thank you

Updated G+ Commenting on YouTube Comments • New Audio Library – YouTube Advanced Training– Derral covers why YouTube is updating their commenting system to use G+ Commenting. Plus, youtube adds a new audio library for music for everyone to use legally.


Updated G+ Commenting on YouTube Comments • New Audio Library – YouTube Advanced Training


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    Wow, that is just some major bullshit. I remember when youtube used to be my favourite site but now it all has been ruined.

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    Yay, Google, you’re so innovative!

    • Indeed, it’s ridiculous. It’s like they know nobody likes G+ so they create a system that forces us to use that crap so that they can say that is better since most people would use more than facebook or something…

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