Updated G+ Commenting for YouTube Comments • New Audio Library – YouTube Advanced Training


Updated G+ Commenting for YouTube Comments • New Audio Library – YouTube Advanced Training– Derral covers why YouTube is updating their commenting system to use G+ Commenting. Plus, youtube adds new audio library for music for everyone to use legally.


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Derral Eves, a professional SEO guy, Internet Marketer, Video Marketing Expert, Social Media Advisor, etc. loves to speak and share his knowledge of the internet!

08:26 Why you want to get Google+ Account and Use it
12:01 YouTube Updating Commenting w/ google Plus
14:00 Comments You Care About Move to the Top of the Comments
17:48 Ban Users from Commenting Without Letting Them Know
19:39 Better Ways to Filter and Moderate Comments
21:01 Over the Shoulder Training
37:00 Questions and Answers Begin

37:58 New Google Humming Bird Update
41:29 How do you Comment on YouTube with Multiple Channels and Multiple Managers
45:57 If you have Multiple Clients and each have their own YouTube Channel, How to you manage them?
49:19 Multiple google Plus business pages and Channels

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Updated G+ Commenting for YouTube Comments • New Audio Library – YouTube Advanced Training


  1. for gods sake man, it’s commenting not rocket oh right, i had almost forgotten the stupid changes made by google aka yay! i am censored because the channel owner doesn’t like my point of view or i’m not popular enough to reply to their precious video. stop trying to force people to use your google+ we don’t want it, just give up already.

  2. 08:35 “Google+ is the thing that you need to get involved with right now. Wheter you like it or not it is going to be the foundation of Google. They are pushing you every direction to have a Google+ account and to integrate everything with Google+.”

    Wow, that is just some major bullshit. I remember when youtube used to be my favourite site but now it all has been ruined.

  3. We do not want to have any connection with youtube and google +. I do not use google +, google mail or anything else on google +. And now ? Now you MUST have google account and account MUST be “connected”, “linked” with Youtube account . I HATE IT….I want my privacy back. Youtube is for youtube, google for google.

  4. Jesus… it’s so bad we need a fucking video to ‘help’ us learn how to leave comments, like comments, hate comments. Boo to the team of Suck that dreamed this crap up.

  5. Improvements, like:
    – Taking away video responses
    – Forcing users to create Google+ account or they won’t be able to comment on youtube
    – Making people go on their google+ site only to check comment notifications
    – Fucking up youtube layout
    – Turning youtube into clusterfuck.
    Yay, Google, you’re so innovative!

    • Indeed, it’s ridiculous. It’s like they know nobody likes G+ so they create a system that forces us to use that crap so that they can say that is better since most people would use more than facebook or something…

  6. Damn this guy is boring. Useless drivel and takes an hour to try and convince you that google wants to be a community, except that they track everything about you (and give it away to NSA).
    Time for a new video media site.

  7. Derral, since you seem to have access to GoogleMinus insiders, please relay a message from the typical Youtube user to the GoogleMinus people, GO AWAY!

    We only care about youtube – and you are destroying it.

    You really think that FORCING us to have a Google+ account is going to make us use it?

    Minus might be 100 times better than fb but I’ll never know because I was FORCED to sign up for it and I will not be using it.

    Google is actually WORSE than Microsoft ever got to be.

    I really don’t understand Google’s business model. Buy the #1 site in the world and then try and force all it’s precious users to do whatever we say they MUST do?

    How’s that working out?

    Just so you know – since being forced to join Google+, I have not received one single friend request. No one I know uses it. No one I know likes it. No one I know likes being forced to sign up. for anything.

    You can’t force people to do things on the internet. It’s way too organic. You had a shot. You blew it.

    Now get your stinking hands off youtube!

    Wow. It’s 2013 and you finally gave us the ability to edit a comment. Way to go.

  8. oh your poor ankle, cant believe nobody helped you, I would have tried to comfort you if I’d been there, horrible people, really, shame on them.


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