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Whether it is clothing, wind turbines, car seats, sofas or fas-hion – the Mehrstetten based market leader bullmer GmbH ensures the right design.
The company based in Mehrstetten in South Germany de-velops and produces automated machines for material hand-ling, material flow and automatic cutting. Universally acclai-med high-quality, precision cutting systems with sorting and distribution technology for various widths and all desired lengths with the quality mark known all over the world as “Made in Germany.”
What began 80 years ago as a metal workshop in the Swabian Alps, has today grown into an international market leader. With more than 130 employees, bullmer manufactures products for Germany, Europe, Asia and North and Central America. The company’s customers include the who’s who of the international automotive, furniture,Textile, graphics and wind power industries. All of them appreciate the economic efficiency and productivity that they achieve using bullmer’s machines.
Based on the machine design customized for individu-al customers, bullmer is in a position to develop and manufacture any machine for any desired height and length of material with the best quality, extreme processing precisi-on, remarkably professional and well developed service and short response times. Bullmer offers all the necessary solu-tions and services under one roof: from machines for cutting applications in single layer and multilayer to material hand-ling and right up to storage systems. The widest range of materials including films, fabrics, leather, carbon fibres and cardboard achieve their perfect finish that is, their best shape using bullmer machines.
Comprehensive, professional, universally available service complements the range of services of this Swabian company. A team of 130 employees – employees who value their work and of course have the technical knowledge and are glad to be a point of contact for their customers and for whom Quali-ty, Service and Competence are a matter of daily life – is what makes bullmer a provider of cutting solutions, who is in great demand all over the world.


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