Vivint Home Security & Automation Review


Get an overview of Vivint Sky home security & automation with this review of Vivint policies and cutting-edge wireless security equipment. This video review shows parts of a Vivint security system and gives a rundown of monitoring plans. Pros and cons are covered. Excellent technology for home protection and automation are big “pros” — but know right away, if you don’t want to sign a long-term contract, then Vivint probably won’t be your favorite choice. We compare Vivint with other wireless security companies at

SMART HOME SECURITY: When you compare Vivint home security with major competitors, you’ll see that 1) Vivint’s prices are higher and 2) their systems are more advanced. They also operate their own emergency monitoring centers, which helps them lead the home security industry with an average response time of just 10 seconds. Overall this security company is high-end and designed for people seeking more than simple burglar alarms. Vivint’s focus is “smart security.”

Besides guarding against intruders and environmental threats, Vivint makes it easy to automate (or remotely control) various home systems such as door locks, lighting and window blinds — and with Vivint you can simply use voice commands. Home automation can enhance your security and your lifestyle while also helping to lower your utility bills. You can see examples in our video review and read more at

WIRELESS VIDEO CAMERAS: Vivint is a top choice security company among people who want wireless video surveillance. The Sky panel supports a variety of indoor and outdoor security cameras, including a camera that’s ideal for two-way conversations between family members, or between you and household workers such as nannies and dog walkers. Vivint camera footage is stored in the cloud for at least 30 days.

EQUIPMENT: Signing up for Vivint security service, you’ll receive about $1,500 worth of wireless equipment. You won’t pay for it upfront, but a possible drawback is that you won’t ever take ownership. Here are some Vivint security devices shown in the review video above:

– Vivint Sky panel (7-inch color touchscreen)
– Keychain remote control
– Infrared motion detector with 5-year battery
– Doorbell camera
– Countertop ping camera (Built for conversations)
– Outdoor video camera
– Carbon monoxide detector
– Flood detector
– NEST thermostat

For a more detailed look at Vivint and other home security companies, see our reviews at … and if our review video helps you out, please vote us up!


  1. *Update
    As of May 1st 2017 vivint has changed its price model for the better and now customers pay a flat rate fee for the service and then a separate equipment charge similar to Verizon wireless price model. This is good news because after the equipment is paid off the customer owns the equipment and the monthly charge goes down to the flat rate service fee. This new price model is more customer friendly and transparent.

  2. Frontpoint is the best system available today. We had Vivint, and I cannot begin to tell you the kaleidoscope of problems we had with this company. So far, and I emphasize so far, Frontpoint is very satisfactory to us

  3. I have Vivint with no issues. I'm controlling lights, AC/Heater, locking/unlocking doors, viewing cameras outdoor/ indoor, doorbell camera records video and audio all from my smartphone. Instant notifications when alarm is triggered, doors/windows are opened. I highly recommend Vivint.

  4. Should actually show the equipment..we have Vivint for 2 weeks and it's been horrible. The doorbell camera sucks..the Sky Panel is really slow.


    (Click Link to watch)

    People are loving their new system. The real safety and convience is so unreal The plans are remarkablely helpful and fairly low!

    To inquire just TEXT Senior Vivint Rep Brookyln Wilson @: 385-325-0587 & leave your first name and that you want to know more about Vivint custom packages, she will call back shortly or text a time. Or call main line @ 1-877-571-6139 or Spanish 1-855-647-9867 but Brooklyn is more personal and familiar.

    Give her Code: 21MSN for great deals!

  6. Have had system for several months. Had techs out a couple of times. I've called and complained a ping camera doesn't do night vision. No swap. I've called and complained patching to sky panel left wifi connection offline so cameras were not recording. Called that cameras would randomly go offline. Wifi is not AC so with crowded activity on wifi signals, network connection for cameras suffers from loss of signal. In hind sight, would not subscribe to any service that wasn't using AC1900 or faster when wifi cameras are installed.


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