Volkswagen Passat is high on function, but low on visual appeal


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A slew of new tech features are highlights of the updated 2016 Volkswagen Passat.

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    • I am driving EU B7 Highline model and to be honest for me it is perfect
      family sedan in that price range. B8 was given to me as business car and in
      EU there is very little competition that could match it as long haul car
      which (in EU) keeps price as used car maybe better than any other. So you
      buy expensive, but you also sell it (without any problem unlike french car
      for example) for really good price. If I could buy car only for myself, VW
      would never be my first choice.

    • Currently in EU Skoda Superb is unbeatable in value. First of all it’s a
      hatch, so all the looks of a sedan with added practicality. And costs much
      less then a VW for the same spec. My first choice for a full sized sedan is
      Mazda 6. Best looks and driving dynamics of the bunch.

    • +Click Retouch Photoshop Tutorials I completely agree with you on both
      cars. Only thing which I cannot exclude from decision is my wife and
      she does not like Superbs interior (it does looks like older Passat) and
      Mazda is very expensive here. Or Honda. Insane prices in Croatia. I do like
      new Mondeo as well.

  1. I think it looks quietly handsome, not shouting in your face to look at it.
    It’s classic lines and stance should appeal to mature customers and should
    age well.
    Add to that all it’s other virtues and it’s easy to conclude that it is
    indeed the best all rounder in it’s class.

  2. i think its still an attractive car, the updates really just make it more
    “sleek” though compared to the new Malibu, Fusion, and the mazda 6 its not
    quite the looker.

  3. I’ve always loved the Passat but this one is getting long in the tooth. Its
    blandness was fine a few years ago when it was introduced, but now it’s
    just boring and so dull. Bring the EU version over and bring the wagon
    along while you’re at it. That version is much more sleek and sporty.

  4. Good review you touched on some things that I didn’t get from watching
    other reviews. I think getting the emergency braking and lane assist
    without going to the top trim is nice also. I wonder if you have to go top
    trim to get the Fender audio system?


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