Why women lose the dating game with Bettina Arndt


Bettina Arndt drops by to discuss why some educated women lose the dating game. Unfortunately some intermittent echo sounds throughout. Why women lose …


  1. My women is 8 years younger than me..she picked me I was 30.It was effortless.When I was younger it was always such a struggle as I gotten older I care less but it gets easier. The rational male is a good read.

  2. The "education gap" is largely an illusion. Men still make up the majority of degrees that matter to the functioning of society. Women's numbers have been artificially puffed up in the same way that the "wage gap" is puffed up. Apples and Oranges. P.S. – Most plumbers in the U.S. pull in somewhere around 200k to 250k a year… that's hardly "dating down" for 95% of women.

  3. lgbt and feminism destroyed the relationship between real men and women. these people who are unhappy about themselves want everybody to be unhappy its because of jelousy. if they cannot have their own way thats why they promote equality which is impossible bec man and women are diffrent biologicaly.

  4. See, a lot of these issues could be avoided if more people would embrace the childfree lifestyle. No pressure to have kids, no financial burden of 200K per kid per 2 decades. No overpopulation in the future, more available work for less people. Less food shortage, less people suffering. Honestly this is almost a one size fits all solution. 7.8 billion people, people!

  5. Two ads ran during my viewing.
    Maybe if enough exposure of YouTube's censorship is brought to light and exposed we'll see some improvement?

  6. When a 30 something woman writes on her profile on a dating site "Over the club scene " that translates to…" Ive ridden the cock carousel for the last decade and the guys are no longer buying me free drinks, dinners, and gifts, prefering younger more attractive girls, so i am now looking for some gopher to finance my future "

  7. She pulls her hair out dealing with women friends lol.
    I can testify to that, many women would rather hear a comforting lie than a hard truth.

  8. Just a word of advice, reduce the transitions between you and the guest, ensure the skype/zoom connection is good (I know it is hard in Aus!!). Other than that top notch content 🙂

  9. Oh no, they might have to downgrade to a beta instead of an alpha… Very Brave New World. Why do most people online (or just everywhere) have this creepy vibe when they talk about men, women and relationships?

  10. MUTE yourself when the echo starts happening. Also I always recommend spending 5 minutes with your guest leading up to recording to address any sound issues that may arise so you can fix it before recording – depending on their level of experience doing webcam they may not realize a few dozen different etiquette and tech considerations, so get them familiar with those things during your first 5 minutes.

  11. You make the classical mistake in equating men's attraction to women's attraction. Men's attraction to women is focused much more on the women's physical appearance than women's attraction to men. I can't believe you did not mention this. I'm a woman and most men I've seen on online dating (okcupid) over the years LOOK average to me, I'd say 10% are very good looking, 10% are fat and ugly and the rest LOOK average. However, my attraction is much more led by a man's level/area of education, job, interests and achievements. IF people had bothered to create a more complete picture/fair comparison, they would have not only shown a photo (which is basically what Tinder is) but also a short description of key characteristics of the men.

  12. Almost stopped listening to this a few times because of the quality of the sound. If you want more views you're going to have to step up your game.

  13. think about it for a moment……..what man that is rich handsome and of high status wants to marry a 40 year old wrinkled fat cow?  These woman are totally delusional. Hope they like cats 🙂


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