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Sub for more: | We have all unfortunately witnessed countless instances of people on the left expressing their antipathy for President Donald Trump since his campaign for the White House began, and some of what has been said about him has crossed the line into criminality.

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  1. Donald J. Trump is our President of the United States. Let us all put our
    differences aside and unite with him in leading our great great country.

  2. Sick individual. Shame one her. She is reaping now what she sowed. Warped
    mind. She’s beyond an idiot and stupid. I am glad the doors are being shut
    on this evil fool.

    • 8 years of the Muslim-In-Chief has made America realise how quickly they
      could lose their nation to Islam, hence they urgently needed a
      Crusader-In-Chief against Islam’s jihad ideology more than ever.
      In Trump they finally have one, and there is once again hope for infidel
      society to avoid the Islamic world’s permanently muslim fate.

    • Glad I could help, though if you could specify which post it might help us
      to identify the potential ‘cure’ for many others still blissfully unaware
      about the true nature of Muhammad snd Islam. If you’re an ex Muslim then
      welcome to reality and apologies for the trouble knowing the truth might
      csuse you.. best be wary of other Muslims with your newfound clarity about
      Islam, although encouraging them to read the whole Qur’an might be a safe
      way to save them too. And if you’re an awakened ex-liberal all I can say is
      sorry for sobering you up and welcome to the hangover.
      Ayaan Hirst Ali is far better at critiquing Islam than I, but I try to
      support the worldwide effort to expose the Islamic death cult online as
      often as I am able.

  3. this dumb ho dosent seem to relize that Trump is a good president and the
    muslims she defends would stone her to death if they could

    • +DissolvedGirl Stardoll What I realize is that we have a man in office who
      has serious psychological issues and who — along with his little gang of
      extremists (Bannon, Miller etc) — seems determined to create a
      constitutional crisis. His Muslim ban is unconstitutional, that goes
      without saying, and attempting to bully the judiciary — one of the 3
      pillars on which US democracy is built — is pure fascism.

    • Scot Todd: Thinking about it…………erm ….maybe the numbers make the difference
      e.g. 1.5 billion muslims vs a few…maybe thousand KKK. Fundamental islamists
      that make up many whole nations and most of the 1.5 billion muslims in the
      world live in those nations where the barbaric Sharia is the norm and
      overrules the basic human rights of all non muslims, gay men including
      muslims, and all women including muslims. The islamic doctrine/agenda is
      laid down in the supreme islamic law code book, the Koran, which clearly
      instructs all muslims to kill all the unbelievers except those of the book
      (bible) who must be given the choice: convert to Islam, or pay special
      punitive taxes (protection money) or death. As I understand it the origin
      of the KKK was a rag tag of early Scottish settlers in the US who illegally
      persecuted and terrorised individual black men because of their skin
      colour, not because of their religious belief.

      Thinking about the facts of the matter. The KKK is confined to a relatively
      tiny part of the US whereas islamic terrorism operates world wide, which is
      why millions have had their lives destroyed by it and a tiny fraction of
      that number by the KKK. If there were no KKK, then what would you use to
      condone Islamic hatred? In any event most of the 1.5 billion muslims in the
      world have never heard of the KKK even so the radical islamists do hate
      them as much as they hate you and every infidel on the planet. Most of the
      muslims in the world are not radical islamists but potentially many of them
      could be as has indeed happen.

      The point is relatively few people hate all muslims but most informed
      rational non muslims condemn the ideology which in its purest form is the
      legal indoctrination of hatred, intolerance, totalitarianism, subjugation
      of all women, barbaric punishments, cruelty to animals on an industrial
      scale (halal), the violation of virtually every human right in the book.

      Are you saying the existence of the illegal KKK makes pure fundamental
      Islam’s Sharia acceptable in the US because that can be concluded from your
      comment wether you meant it or not?

  4. This is the mind set of todays liberal party, they preach love and don’t
    bully and carry out their words with foul mouths and death threats! It
    shows what the Liberals party is really like and how they act!! She needs
    to ask God for forgiveness for even thinking suck thoughts!!

  5. I know she didn’t commit a crime, because I can read English. Though
    despicable, she obviously made no threat. She made no promise or
    implication that she would kill Trump, nor did she attempt to ask anyone to
    do so. She expressed a desire that someone somewhere would kill Trump.
    Perhaps you don’t like to hear her desires, but it doesn’t matter what you
    like. She has the right. It’s called free speech.

  6. I think you use the term liberal incorrectly to me the US was founded on
    liberalism and advocating assassination is not a standard liberal


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