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  1. ThioJoe…I could of sworn you already told that story of yours before or
    atleast mentioned 99% sure

  2. Ecrfour Plays Minecraft, I watched thios vids and belived it too. But even
    if its fake, HES AWESOME!

  3. One day I broke into my neighbors house and stilled their wifi but they had
    cameras from the outside but lucky it didn’t record sound or video then
    next day in the morning I cracked their passcode door and got in but they
    caught me and I got in trouble

  4. i know its old but my most embarassing story… well… idk if i should say
    it… alright fine i bought a hp pavillion all in one and hoped to play cod
    bo 3 on it

  5. Joe can you tell me about your family members?And also how many computers
    you have?And,is all the three monitors in your room connected to one
    CPU?What is the company of internet you are using?How rich are you that you
    have intel core i7,32 gb ram,graphics card,exxtra cpu’s for performing some
    stupid experiments??Please give reply


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