YOU’RE DEAD IDIOT – Your Dumb Comments


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  1. Go to the third millennium to play Half Life 3, since Valve only release a
    new Half Life game in every millennium.

  2. i will go to the past to kill thiojoe before he make youtube so no one can
    double they internet speed for free #grammar

  3. I’d bring all my money back to the 1700’s and buy a bunch of gold since $1
    was worth more back then.

  4. I’ll go forward in time when internet speeds are actually twice as fast as

    * never reaches the destination *

    • I’d travel to a time when my area has internet WAY faster than 300 mbps
      Bright House

      Bright House now offers 5 Gbps internet. I can get really high speeds with
      this internet. Maybe even a whole megabit per second. It is really reliable
      too. I only have to call Bright House once a month to fix the WiFi.


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