YouTube BOYCOTT & Creators Are Losing Money BIG TIME !


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YouTube BOYCOTT & Creators Are Losing Money! The growing boycott of YouTube by advertisers could cost its Creators BIG Money!
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Perfect for Recording Youtube Vlog Interview


    • +Guiding Echoes​ Free money? How many ads do you think they would sell without content?
      They decided to attack the hand that feeds them, the content creators. They made a big deal about policing(read censoring dissenting opinions to SJWs) their content for “hate speech.” Then the advertisers said “wait…you have a hate speech problem? We are out then.” This is what happens when you censor free speech. This is the results of running a business with political bias and agendas. This is why you don’t hire know nothing SJW programed individuals.

    • Hey carter relax what did skippy do ? Geeze not everyone is the same which what makes youtube an great place everyone has an place. Just because you have six channels and your proud of what you do with those channels doesnt mean you should bash someone else for being who they are no need to go off the deep end and freak on some random person for the frustrations in your life. Go lift some weights run an few mikes or whatever to take out your stress in an healthy way rather than freaking out on someone in comments. On another note there still is talent left in the world you just gotta focus on finding it on youtube which is what makes it an great place. Look at jared dines great musician who has orgional songs out that are pretty awesome hes one example of talent or maybe cooper drummer who kills the drums how about phillip defranco who does great reporting daily in an business he built on his own. If you just think paris hilton and kim are the only two people out there for what we call talent your mistaken there is plenty of great talent out there. Relax take an deep breath and dont freak out on people you cant relate too like nerds and geeks, i bet your the guy who uses the latest iphone and macbook that has no clue how they really work inside but then think its okay to freak out on the people who can repair and devolop all the apps you use because they are busy working on the new products you use and not at the gym with you lifting 45 lbs plates. *chill dude chill

    • i agree. my studio creator, adsense and my bank have 3 differant numbers. the numbers never add up no matter how you add them. so i am about to delete adsense and un monitize my channel and use paypal

  1. Our add revenue dropped a huge amount we aren’t earning a lot with our small channel but we’ve seen about a 60% loss while getting more views than previous periods. Especially because most of our views are U.S., Canada, and U.K. We are going to start focusing on other ways to earn money to support our video creation because YouTube ad revenue was never that high to start with.

  2. I usually make over 50 dollars a day, but since March 16, My earnings have dropped to 1 dollars each day and I’m getting the same amount of views

    • Shaleena’s world not really , it’s one stream of income but if used properly then you’ll only lose one stream of income , you just have to increase revenue in other areas to offset the lost.

    • Did your previous earned ad revenue literally go down? Because that doesn’t make sense. If ads payed 10 bucks for your video two weeks ago shouldn’t that money be yours? How can they take that away?

    • i’m not getting ads on my newer videos and haven’t for like 4-5 days now and i have a dashboard with my network that allows me to see my ad revenue in real time for the current month and it has dropped 500 dollars in the 4-5 days with no ads. all my ads on videos prior to this are still there i think. Thank god for superchat and supporters willing to contribute!

    • Do you mind me asking how many of your 140k subs donate through patreon monthly? Because if you’re getting 5 bucks from 1000 people that’s 5k a month. Which is awesome.

  3. And yet YouTube flagged some of my kid friendly content as “not advertising friendly” when they’ve been promoting hate channels. I’m proud of these advertisers. I had to appeal the videos they flagged on my channels.

    • What’s your “small minded” definition of hate channels? Someone’s opinion you disagree with?

    • Question: Who is The US Government – Answer: They Train, Arm and Finance Terrorist Groups? No – pretty much people that throw around insults like yourself

    • brickstar what happened to your videos suck but the youtube guidelines also will target things far wider than hate groups. It also will affect people who report news and current events or anything that is controversial as well. So it’s a double edge sword

    • Yes you can. It’s not about the amount of subs but the number of views. I just uploaded my first YouTube video 3 weeks ago. I now have 3 videos and almost $40 as a 3 weeks old youtuber. I can’t wait to make a video on my first YouTube paycheck and show people the real facts on how to make money on YouTube with little or no subs.

    • You are eligible to join Adsense with 0 views. I monitized my first YouTube video which I uploaded 3 weeks before publishing it. By the next day, I had $0.13

    • Link your opinion of a terrorist channel and confirm how many people that channel have killed.

    • To clarify, my point is that the censorship we are talking about in this sweep of mainstream media boycotting YouTube is not targeting the videos produced by groups like ISIS, but rather it is censoring channels that either criticize SJWs or are large enough to pose a competitive threat to large news corporations. It is not my claim that anyone is actually killing people in this context.

    • Oddly i’ve noticed only the non-sjw-libtard political people are getting hit. TYT and stuff seems immune which is kind of lame, true liberals are suppose to stand up for ‘equality’ but its totally fine when they silence everyone with opposing views.

    • this person’s freedom of speech was infringed so i am reposting this below (zionist tube will not let me reinstate this video after several attempts)
      You can boycott Google too, use Startpage . com as a privacy friendly alternative. Google docs can be replaced with piratepad and Google keep by turtl. Privacy friendly email: protonmail and startmail.
      Don’t allow Google to sell you private information! Let them know they don’t own the internet
      *Removed as spam and only visible to you*

    • Cool! Good luck. I started a channel once three years ago (got 24 subscribers and gained the rest during those three years), but I had some copyright trouble that limited what I could do with my channel for one year. Now I’m starting all over again.

    • Ledki Cool! Honestly, this isn’t the type of content I watch, but I’m gonna give you a sub to support you. (just to make sure, I don’t require you to sub back)

    • haahahah. If you don not like the content then do not subscribe. But thanks for checking it out though!:) By the way am I the only one that gets a lot of spammers?

  4. I’m not a Partner, nor am I monetized (and this is one reason why, I knew something like this would happen),
    and I don’t understand why Youtube turned into a business in the first place…
    it’s supposed to be a platform for SHARING, not making money! But… Greed obviously knows no boundaries!
    Now it’s all about the Almighty Dollar… like it always has been, I guess… Pathetic! 🙁

    • +Zingy Lemon Well, I understand that train of thought, but What people don’t understand,
      especially about people like me, is that art is to be shared freely with everyone…
      I know it turned into a business a looooong time ago, and I would love to be able
      to make money on my music… that’s why I used to knock on doors, try to submit and
      get a contract… I’m glad I never did… I’ve seen what fame does to people! Not pretty!

    • TY… at least some people understand that it’s not all it’s cracked up to be!
      For example… MJ, Prince, Kurt Cobain, Robin Williams… There’s a big list here…
      but you’re right, some people know how to do it the right way! 🙂

    • No, not at first. Once you grow, then yes. It depends on what you post. I was advised by someone in broadcasting,” Shoot well. Edit well. Just keep doing it. Someone will pick it up.” I don’t think all these like-titled thumbnails are going to help the situation. Might get big numbers, but who cares if no ads are rolling.

    • Derral Eves wanna know what I think? I think the company’s who run this world don’t like the freedom of YouTube. I don’t care. I’ll make whatever content I please. for instance, there are some things YouTube doesn’t need to worry about. those company’s will be back. don’t cave to their demands

  5. Thanks for the info. This may possibly kill the gun community. I am starting to work my Patreon account just to hopefully continue the channel. Thanks for the support.

  6. The fact that these companies have not used ad words correctly (i.e. Using exclusion settings) and have chosen to pull their advertising after their negligence means that they are the ones that are ultimately responsible for impacting creators. Creators need to boycott them as consumers. We’re not stupid, obviously we know they didn’t want to advertise on terrorist videos, no one is going around thinking that they are related to the terrorists. Media, business, and politics has become too simplistic in their approach: ‘terrorist bad, YouTube bad, creators bad’.


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