YouTube Changes Layout – Again! – YouTube Creator Studio


YouTube Changes Layout – Again! YouTube Creator Studio Derral explains the recent changes to YouTube’s navigation / layout and how it effects you and your channel. YouTube Creator Studio.

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YouTube Navigation Changes
YouTube Layout Changes

YouTube Changes Layout – Again!
YouTube Creator Studio


  1. geez, can’t people ever leave things alone? ..oh of course not we might go
    about and have a life instead and still know what we are doing ..
    Thankfully we have Derral on the watch tower- Insane amount of time and
    resources wasted for things which really are not getting any better or any

  2. +Derral Eves Thanks for showing these changes! Hasn’t happened on my
    channel yet, but overall it doesn’t seem too bad. I agree with you with
    having quicker access to Video Manager and analytics. Hopefully YouTube
    takes that into consideration

    • Thanks for watching always +Gamebrewtv Strahz! Yes the changes are small,
      but they seem to happen all the time! 🙂

  3. And once again, Google fucks up YouTube with another stupid change. Will
    these shitty changes ever stop? Either way, I hope someone makes a Google
    Chrome extension for the Chrome Web Store that lets you use the old
    navigation bar again.

    • Have you sussed WHY they do this, yet? In prison they
      shift prisoners about– for the hell of it. It’s control by the Google ”
      elite”. I’m positive they do it purely to excercise power over the people.
      Past caring, I think. No respect for this site anymore, welcome arguments
      now as at least I’m getting some kind of feedback.

  4. Derrel please help me, why is it either that I’m not getting any comments
    or I cant access them I uploaded a film two days ago it had a funny line in
    it its had fourteen hits in those two days I would of expected someone to
    write ha ha let me in the loop its doing my head in

  5. Meh. Change is a part of life. At least I know that I can check here and
    find a discussion of the changes as they occur. Thank you…for tech-averse
    people like me, who must succeed in a tech-driven world, having this
    channel is a great relief!

  6. Derral youtube main page has changed I can’t see videos by sections. It
    shows two videos at a time. I hate this. Help!


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