🔴 YouTube Creator AD Crackdown: YouTube Big Changes To Partner Program


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LIVE: Because of the YouTube Ad Boycott/Crisis, YouTube has made some BIG changes to the Partner Program… Some creators are losing money while smaller creators won't be able to turn on monetization. Come find out all the details live

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    • Well I am unconventional in my ways but I did a video on it (don’t tell Derral he frowns at my approach) But it is a way youtube suggests

    • how are the young turks making money? I know for a fact they have ads on their videos and they are taking about sensitive stuff for news all the time. How are they not getting ads removed?

    • They make most of their money through viewer subscriptions, but also through merchandise and some sponsors. They occasionally explain how they make their money. And they get loads of ads removed and make less money for it. They did a video about it a while ago.

    • Derral Eves so I have to pay to get featured? that’s just another example of trying to take people’s money…

  1. in my experience if the content is hateful. .those get over 10k views in a day..since both sides of the line watch them over and over..This will only hurt small & new content channles

    • They will reach the 10000 view quickly but they won’t get approved with the new system if they are not advertiser friendly.

      I think this is a good idea. I have 2 channels myself and my kids each have on channel. One of mine is the only 1 of the 4 that is over the 10000 view mark. I’m fine with that. They will get over 10000. If I can’t get them over 10000 then they wouldn’t have made me a cent anyway.

    • actually ..lol James.. it’s not the 10k and your in the right …but the 10k is the bar set for them to start running adds.. we as creaters have 2 settings ..kid friendly or not.. tthey already have the power in their settings to choose the types of videos the advertisement goes on…10k is the line drawn in the sand by them to start running adds and maybe look into the channel… and well that is kind of a crappy line..since I don’t really have to point out that ..channels have are dirty and hateful get 10k in a day or 2 since people that like it and people that have to see the smut all flurry to them .. so the 10k bar has been set ..now who is it hurting not the guys that already put out the smut but new creators…

    • Gamingby Sage 2 settings isn’t enough. That is one area they need to do. Derral pointing that out with the news channels. Advertisers should have the option to select those channels to place ads on.

      The channels that already have 10000 that do t meet the advertiser friendly rules will have to be cleaned out with another method. New ones will have to go through the new review process once it is set up. So it will affect them.

      The 10000 view rule will help them start to review channels as new ones come in. This isn’t a bad step at all and should help not hurt.

      It will only help channels if it makes it easier for YouTube to sell ad space. Without advertisers it won’t matter what level they set it at. There will be no money.

    • james listen to both videos .. at one point he shows the tools they have the tools to fine tun them already ..advertisers aren’t using them ..the 10k system is a blanket scrabble to try and retain business.. but it only effects new creators .. go look at a video that has so called bad news or content you’ll see 10k + view or a million .. This does effect new streamers .. not that I make money here I use Patreon .. but my teams get to see videos of them selves and other .. its nice to the creator to see hey i made 40 cents.. youtube doesn’t payout until 100 .. so the point is the rule was slung with a hammer using a wide head.. and the reasoning doesn’t add up..

    • I will watch it in a minute. I had to go out. I have bought ads using that system so I do know a little about it. I wouldn’t have used the newest tools though.

      This affects all new channels. There will always be new problem channels. This allows them to clean it up. The bottom line is that there is a problem. They had to do something and I’m sure this won’t be the last one. I just don’t feel this is an unreasonable step for them to take.

      The ones that are over 10000 view that you are talking about will need to be removed in another way. Only way to get them all is to remove ads from 100% of the channels and review each and every channel. I think that is much worse then what they are doing. I just wonder how long the process will be when reviewing new channels. There will be times when a ton of channels will all hit around the same time and I wonder if this is something they will be able to handle in days or will this take weeks?

  2. So what is alllowed anymore? What does youtube really stand out for? It will be just like TV without News and Movies and Talksshow about sensetiv subjects. No more fail videos caus people get hurt in them. No more rant videos. Only lets-plays of kid games and cat videos!

  3. Wow he really had a lot to talk about. Nice video Derral, your content is really helpful for us small youtubers. I think ads were taken off my videos but it still shows that it’s monetized in creator studio. Also I think my CPM is glitched in a good way.. all I need is 1 viral video.. then I’ll be all set lol

  4. I’m a smaller youtuber and I love creating content and I was hoping to bring in money from this and now this just means I have to work 10x harder to get this number.

    • That last point is SO STUPID! YouTube is going the political correct way! It’s as if advertisers don’t think we can think for ourselfs… but ofcause all their theories are based on us being zombies.

    • You nailed it! The powers to be want mindless zombies running around. No disrespect to anyone here. The less people are informed, the easier it is to control them.

    • Where ever people live, and this platform has that, it should be discussed. But should advertisers have to pay for that they consider opposite their stance? Ask your friends who have capital to invest in you and move one. If you would have a #pepsi you already would be bankrolled! 😉

  5. it is my understanding that uscreen is on the scene now and that will drop youtube down a peg. uscreen is going to change things up, you’ll see. heard it on nick nimmin’s channel, he likes it and defends it.

  6. I’ve only had my Youtube for a month and I’m almost at 10k views. Doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me since it doesn’t take that much time. I make no money ($10 in a month) on monetization anyway so this whole uproar hasn’t worried me. I mostly just feel bad for the larger YouTubers that I follow.

    • Makenzie Rae Wow, youtube for a month and almost 10k views? I’ve been doing vids just over a year and I am just at 7k views and none of my videos are even getting a break. Probably because the genre i followed is saturated 😐

  7. Kind of makes me feel like the advertisers are using a double standard. News outlets like CNN, NBC etc talk about sensitive material, wars, etc. So why are they advertising on those stations. I mean, sorry. Its not different. Whether its a YT channel or a mainstream news channel. Its the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, some YT channels are much more colorful in their words. But the main content is the same.

  8. Yes its too harsh. Sure we aren’t making money at first for a long time, but before it was accumulative and now it makes it impossible for us to add up to the total $100 mark. Now if we have a video that goes crazy with views one day and pushes us over that 10k mark then we cant collect any of the little amount of money we would have made (which would ad up to our $100 mark).

    • low roller scratcher I believe that if you are below 10k views before this thing, your videos are not monetized but previous earnings are not affected. Once you reach 10k views, you will apply again to have your channel reviewed. That’s what I understood about it

    • views same but losing views from youtube to google adsense GRRRRR only a 10th of the views are even showing up i’m p**sed off!


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