YouTube Metrics that Matter: How To Get More Views


Here’s 8 minutes for my hour presentation at the VidSummit. I deep dive into the YouTube Algorithm and the video performance funnel.
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I break down YouTube’s Performance Funnel and what metrics you should care about for YouTube Channel growth. I also dive into thumbnails and how they can trigger YouTube restricted mode. I also show you away to make thumbnails safe by using a tool that google created.

Get Access to 56 Presentations from VidSummit –


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  1. Quick question – I'm planning to upload a ton of videos I have ready, however I also am planning on being more family friendly, but my channel currently has some videos with rather explicit thumbnails and some cuss words. I was wondering if my efforts would be put to better use by restarting on a new channel altogether or just privating the 'bad' videos on my current channel and uploading there? It has 1K subs and 300K views, but I wouldn't want to upload there just for the algorithm to be putting me on the back leg forever.

  2. Awesome and very informative video, I wish I could be there to watch the event live.
    I have a question, my channel is about building scale models and when showing ww2 German airplanes naturally there are swastikas. This is perfectly fine with the community but what about the algorithm or user signalling?

  3. Dear Derral, I received an email from youtube saying that my channel was not eligible to monetize and I could reapply after 30 days. I had only one copyright strike. I've been working on my youtube channel for years and have more than 8000 videos. Youtube did not specify what''s wrong with my channel and just talked generally. Could you please help me what should I do? Thank you for your great help to youtubers.

  4. Derral: You had better start protesting Article 13 that just passed by the E.U. It will keep videos made by YouTube content creators from Europe to not be seen outside of Europe due to copyright issues by the platform makers – which means YouTube and related online companies. For those outside of Europe, YouTube content creators will have their videos banned from being seen by viewers within the 28 European countries. The E.U. is edging closer to banning the internet. You'll have to check out the videos on YouTube about Article 13 if you want to understand better. We have until January 2019 before this can be made into law.

  5. You (I know I know, you're VERY involved, multiple channels et al, been here for many years.). Don't you think it's weird that you have 531k subscribers and only 6,420 views Ten Days after your video was posted?


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