YouTube Red – First Look and Thoughts


YouTube Red. Here’s the first look at YouTube Red, how to purchase it, what it looks like on Desktop and mobile. How to play videos and music offline and background play.

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  1. How come when someone replies to our comment on someone else’s video, we
    have to actually go to the video to reply? This just started today.

  2. Derral, can you check out my channel? I would be honored to hear your
    honest opinion about what I’m doing wrong.

    • +WHITE DR4GONFLY MEDIA Well for one thing, you have a very weird upload
      scheduel.. There are months and months with content gaps,

    • +Draknalor186 I know, I’m trying to swing a full-time city job, fam time
      and the channel, also the gear and the travel take a huge effort.
      Thanks a lot for the input.

  3. What do creators have to do in order to upgrade terms bc I can’t find the
    option available or is it automatically updated .

  4. this is kind of a silly oxymoron, but I think it would be nice if we could
    pay for YouTube Red out of our AdSense accounts — lol

  5. Nothing there would tempt me to subscribe. Thanks for the tour of it
    derral. For us Aussies it would cost more like $AU13 per month. No worth

  6. I love YTR. Because I am a creator, I never used an adBlocker, and now I
    get to happily watch videos ad free. I watch a lot of videos so this for me
    is the biggest bonus. As for downloading I don’t know how often I will use
    that. I also love the music service, which I have never used until now. It
    is great. I will definitely keep YTR.

  7. Youtube should pay the viewer 5% of the ad earnings, this will stop alot of
    people using adblock. and youtube,the viewer and the creator all make

  8. Hi Derral! Nice job, thank you! I have a question about “download”
    feature..What happens if a creator deletes or hides his/her video from
    “public”? Will we still have it in downloads?

  9. So basically things such as, “BACKGROUND SOUND,” costs me $10 a month…
    That’s ridiculous…

    Youtube: New YouTube Red update, to watch more than 3 videos a day you have
    to sign up for YouTube Red PLUS, starting at $30 a day.


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