YouTube Red is GOOD – Thio’s Thoughts


Honestly I don't know why everyone is freaking out about YouTube red like it's the coming of the apocalypse, when literally nothing is going to change if you don't want to.
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  1. Everyone’s freaking out about YouTube Red and it’s absolutely ridiculous.
    That being said, will you be getting it? I will.

    • +ThioJoe I would also like customer service for YT damage control for an
      additional fee. Maybe customer service is too expensive. Customer service
      would free up the forum contributors to help with creative “how to” stuff.
      Now I’m off the subject.

    • +ThioJoe I used Google music before deciding to try Apple music. I decided
      that I liked Google music more, so I may be switching back. I’ll be going
      for YouTube Red, which includes the same library of music AND the
      additional features like no ads, extra content and background playing on
      tablets and phones.

  2. The only thing that upsets me is the fact that Google makes their money off
    of ads, and people find these ads invasive and annoying, so they block
    them. Google finds out that they are starting to lose money, so they only
    have two reasonable options: Actually change the way that they use ads to
    enhance the user’s experience, or make some payment options so some people
    get some extra perks for directly paying them. What do they go with? The
    easier second option, of course.

  3. No ads: Just use AdBlock, it’s free.
    Download videos: There’s tons of third-party websites that can do this
    YouTube Music: Useless. (Or you can just get Spotify.)
    “Exclusive” content: It’s just PewDiePie screaming into a mic. AGAIN.

    I don’t think YouTube Red is catching on.

    • +xXx_420_360_HaX0rDaN0uSkoupah#sWaG#l3g1t_darud3w33dstorm_360_420_xXx I’d
      like to address Youtube Music. It’s not useless. The library is different
      to that of Spotify. YouTube Red subscriptions cost the same amount of money
      as Spotify subscriptions. So if you get YouTube Red, you 1) get a big
      library of music 2) don’t have to worry about third party apps for blocking
      ads, downloading videos or playing youtube videos in background on phones
      and tablets.

      For these reasons, I will be personally considering getting YouTube Red

    • +xXx_420_360_HaX0rDaN0uSkoupah#sWaG#l3g1t_darud3w33dstorm_360_420_xXx My
      computer itself doesn’t even show ads in YouTube,I think AdBlock bugged it.

    • xXx_420_360_HaX0rDaN0uSkoupah#sWaG#l3g1t_darud3w33dstorm_360_420_xXx ad
      block is for people who don’t care about creators
      Unless they have patreon you are destroying there income

    • that’s why I said he uploaded this to the wrong channel this is not fake
      but this is his fake channel

    • +BHFUT 15 I think he wanted more people to see it, this channel seems to
      have way more subscribers than his “real” channels.

    • +ThioJoe first of all if you can’t take care of yourself and your so messy
      please go cry to your mommy oh and second of all after updating my PS3 to
      PS four I can I still use my PS3 games in my PS3 controllers and my PS3
      PlayStation move things in my PS

  4. Very miss leading. I download a video to watch “offline” but it’s not
    actually saved to my cell phone. I have to be logged into YouTube to access
    my “saved videos”, so therefore I’m not actually watching them offline. I
    wanted to save some videos and debates to listen to at work where I have no
    cell phone signal. Am I not understanding this correctly or just expecting
    too much as usual? Thanks for your assistance.

  5. Great video, but not all of the $10 will be distributed. YouTube will
    probably take about 45% of it, then the remaining amount will be

  6. i see no ads any ways for no need for youtube red thy need too pay by the
    views an have no ads but have a tax that pays you an more an have the end
    too all ads

    • Yos Kolesnik 10 dollars must be so much money
      If you have a job and spend your money correctly you can easily afford this
      Possibly with a McDonald’s salary


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